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Blogger Asks Why a Politician’s Motherhood Gets More Play Than Male Pols’ Paternity

After Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was tapped to run the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the fact that the New York Times [1] chose to focus on her as a “harried mother,” wife and Girl Scout leader, really annoyed one political blogger.


“Heading up the DNC isn’t about signing permission slips and weighing in on whether your tween can wear faux leopard flats to school; it’s about wielding real power with big time donors and supporters, getting the grassroots inspired and staying in close contact with other Democratic leaders,” wrote Joanne Bamberger who runs the PunditMom blog [2].


“Publishing an article in ostensibly the biggest newspaper in the country that begins with a description of stereotypical mom duties and places Wasserman Schultz’s professional responsibilities at the end of a list that starts with typical mommy chores does exactly what you would assume – it insinuates that it’s OK for women to move up the ladder of political power, as long as they’ve packed the lunch boxes and washed the gym uniforms,” Bamberger said.


Bamberger noted that “when Tim Kaine was named the head of the DNC, the New York Times made no mention of what his daily duties were when it came to his three children. It didn’t describe him as a father or a husband . . . It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read between the work/life balance lines.” (April 2011)

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