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Working Mom as Supermom.

by Kerry Rivera


Given I just spent four months of my life on maternity leave, I was able to immerse myself in the world of being a stay-at-home mommy. I walked my kids to school, conversed with other moms at pick-up, made yummy (I think?!), home-cooked meals and focused on my kiddos 24/7.


It was also interesting observing other SAHMs. I found myself admiring their dedication to volunteering at school events and outside activities. And wow did they have some over-the-top exhibits of “love.” Homemade, crafty treats for school parties … even if it meant mom was up all hours of the night baking and prepping like Martha Stewart. Lavish birthday parties … not quite “Beverly Hills Housewives” level, but close. Trips to Disneyland, Legoland, Chuck E. Cheese’s … with every weekend planned and designed to entertain the kids.


Are these the supermoms of today? Some of the antics were a little insane, but you do have to give a lot of these moms credit. When they plan and create and volunteer … they give it their all and nothing less.


But now that I’m back at work, I’ve also observed there are so many working moms who deserve the title of supermom too. So while I may be slightly biased since I too am a lap-top toting, working mom, here are my reasons I think working moms are supermoms too …


1. They financially support their families. Most working women I know must contribute to the household income to make ends meet. They are paying the mortgages, funding the college accounts, financing the kids’ activities.


2. Lunchtime? What’s that? Most moms in my office either power through lunch or handle errands for the family in the middle of the day. They squeeze in a trip to Target for school supplies/the weekend party gift or eat lunch at their desks, hoping to complete their work so they can bolt at the end of the day.

3. A number of new moms are nursing, so they are trying to squeeze in times to pump. Trying to do this in between meetings and lugging around a pump isn’t convenient, but it definitely shows commitment to our little babies.


4. Planning and organization are their forte. Lunches are packed the night before, clothes laid out, meals for dinner stew in the Crockpot. Time is golden for a working mom … every second counts … so you often discover these women are like efficient machines.


5. They pull extra hours and negotiate to be at the kid activities that matter most. We can’t be in the classroom every week helping out, but we often try to be at the holiday parties, music performance and playoff games.


6. They relish those evening hours with the kids. Their TIVO boxes may be maxed … and there is no way they can keep up with all of the latest Hollywood gossip … but Dancing with the Stars and Grey’s Anatomy can wait. Reading a book with your kid and cuddling are cherished.


7. They show their kids a whole new side of mom. She’s a teacher, an engineer, a writer, a doctor, a chef, a store manager. Mom’s got skillz … and that’s pretty cool.


8. Vacation planner, summer scheduler, weekend warrior. My working mom friends still juggle and manage all of the tasks that come with planning and coordinating amazing adventures and experiences for their kids. They often do this on their lunch hour or at 11 p.m., but they do it.


9. They light up when they talk about their kids. I swear I wish I could tape all of my friends talking about their children … you can just tell they enjoy them so much and are always thinking about them.


10. They LOVE their kids unconditionally! Sure, most working moms desperately want more hours in the day to be with their kids, but they make the hours they do have count … and I’d say that makes them pretty super, wouldn’t you?

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