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KinderCare: The Good ‘Ole Days of Summer Are Back.

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Who hasn’t heard a parent lament about how much simpler summer used to be when he or she was a kid?


Summer somehow seemed magical and carefree — there were lots of kids around and endless street games; hours spent on grassy hills watching clouds turn into a boat or a cat, or trying to catch fireflies or running barefoot through the sprinkler; lazy hours spent reading curled up on a cozy rocking chair on the front porch. Kids were outdoors as long as they could be, coming home only after their mother called them in for supper for the fourth or fifth time. Then, after dinner, they’d race right back outside again, trying to pack in as much fun as they could before the sun set.


There always seemed to be something to do, and it didn’t require a lot of equipment or money.


Or, if parents went to summer camp, they have fond memories of the typical camp traditions —talent shows and campfires, storytelling and crafts, friendship and T-shirts that made everyone feel connected.


Parents long to give their kids the same sort of magical experience they had when they were young. Yet times are different now. Many kids spend their free time playing videogames or texting their friends, and families, especially working families, rarely have time to enjoy each other. Still, there’s a desire to get back to a less-frenetic lifestyle, one that values old-fashioned fun over stressful over-the-top experiences.


So does that mean the simple pleasures of summers past are gone for good?


No. Parents have options to give their kids a taste of lazy summer days of past. But while some camps stress high-energy, nonstop activities, KinderCare Summer Camp offers kids lots of opportunities for old-fashioned fun and imaginative play while engaging their natural love of learning, discovery and adventure — all tailored for their age and interests.

Each week, KinderCare offers a different themed program, from water play to history to theater to outdoor exploration.


Although the themes differ, each offers an opportunity to grow a child’s imagination and encourage learning the way summertime activities should be, carefree and kid-approved fun.


Wilderness 101 features a kid favorite, storytelling around a campfire. Wild, Wild West will have kids swinging their partner and do-si-doing with square dancing. There’s more dancing as well as singing and seashell hunting during Surf’s Up! beach party. Animal antics will have kids observe animal’s often amusing behavior and then writing their own animal tales and creating crazy creature flipbooks. And You’ve Got Talent features one of the most popular camp activities — the talent show.


No matter which theme week, there are lots of hands-on arts and crafts and other activities that appeal all of a child’s senses, as well as field trips and visits by special guests — which is not very different from the summers their parents knew.


For more information about KinderCare® Learning Centers Summer Camps in your area, or to enroll, go to www.kindercare.com/summercamp [1] or call 888-9FUN-CAMP (888-938-6226).


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