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Longing To Wear My New Walking Shoes.

by Kerry Rivera


I just purchased a pair of those new Sketcher Shape-ups – you know the ones marketed to improve your posture, tone your butt, abs and thighs and enhance weight loss. Not sure if this is a gimmick, but I figured what the heck, I’ll give it a try. I’ve seen the ads for these things all over the place, and in the March issue of Self, they call out wearing these shoes as a “lazy girl’s little helper” to get pretty fast. Count me in!


In the marketing materials they sell this shoe as one that “will change my life” and “get in shape without setting foot in a gym.” I can wear my Shape-ups running errands or just living my regular old life. Trouble is … a large percentage of my day is spent in an office where business/business casual is the norm. For foot attire that usually translates into heels, ballet flats, wedges or loafers … not Sketchers.


I actually love to work out and typically try to squeeze in some sort of physical activity during lunch to stay fit. Still, lately, as I speed out of my driveway in the morning to drop my kiddos off at school, I find myself getting insanely jealous of the many moms sporting their sweats and sneakers … all ready for a walk in the neighborhood after the school bell rings. I see them chat it up, all smiles, as they walk and tone. Meanwhile, my new Sketchers sit in my closet, unscuffed and waiting for me to “shape up while I walk.”


At this stage in my life, I guess I have two choices. Try to change the dress code at my company so I can wear Sketchers with my skirts and slacks. Or I could walk away from my career so I can be one of those sweats-wearing, walking moms after the school bell rings. Since neither of those choices are realistic – corporate isn’t ready for tennis shoes and our household can’t run on one salary – I guess my only other option is to extend my waking hours and make some time for the Sketchers.


Man, I wish I could just walk.

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