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Five Steps to a Balanced and Happy Life.

by Sophie Blondeau, Life Coach for Women [1]


For many of us, a happy and balanced life feels like a fleeting dream, something
reserved for a handful of superwomen. The truth is, however, we can all achieve it.
Yes, getting there requires a strategy and focus, but it is do-­‐able. To that end, here
are five steps you can take right now to get on your way.


As you undertake this journey, it is important to always be aware that your goal,
your happy and balanced life, is not an end state; it’s a life you create and negotiate
on a daily basis. And that each of us has a unique version of a happy and balanced
life. Don’t worry about the super mom down the road, the gold standard is how
balanced you feel.


Now, let’s get you on your way.


1. Take a Life Inventory
You need a starting point. Draw a circle and divide it into eight sections.
Label them with the following headings: Health, Family & Friends, Career,
Finances, Physical Environment, Fun & Recreation, Personal Growth and
Marriage/Significant other. Give each section a rating, on a scale of 1 to 10,
based on how satisfied you are (don’t fudge, be honest with yourself). Look at
your wheel and pinpoint what is keeping you off balance. What areas are
working well? What areas need improvement? What area are you the most
motivated to work on?

2. Create a Vision
Now that you know where you are, you need to create a vision to work towards. Write a vivid description of what your happy and balanced life
would look like. Be as detailed as possible. What activities would you include? How often do you do them? How do they make you feel? Are you
alone? Who are you with?


3. Create Measurable Goals
It’s one thing to say ‘I need to improve my physical health in order to achieve balance’, it’s quite another to say ‘I will take 2 yoga classes, every week, on Tuesday and Thursday at OM Yoga.’ The first is wishful thinking, the second is a measurable goal with an action plan. So go ahead take the area of your life that you want to work on and write a measurable goal next to it. What,
how, and when, are good PLACES to start.


4. Track Your Progress
The only way to know you’re making headway towards your balanced life is
to keep track of your progress. Keep a journal that is easily accessible
throughout the day. On the very first page have the description of your
balanced life. On the second page write your measurable goals and action
steps. Everyday write down the steps, no matter how small, that you’ve
taken toward your measurable goal.


5. Reward Yourself
We’re all good at beating ourselves up for what we don’t accomplish. That
habit needs to be broken if balance is to be achieved! There is no magical
snapping of the fingers to achieve happiness and balance. It’s done by taking
small daily steps towards your goals and congratulating yourself for every
success. Each step, each action, no matter how small, is essential and thus
should be rewarded. Take a moment everyday to acknowledge what you
have achieved.


Remember, you are in charge of your life and you have an opportunity to
renegotiate your personal balanced life, every single day. Now get started!

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