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In Case Of Emergency.

[1]“It is ultimately our own responsibility to be prepared. No one is going to do it for us”, explains Cari Butler, emergency preparedness expert, mom, and owner of Emergency Café [2], a one stop web site that carries all the items you need in the event of an earthquake or emergency situation.

Cari Butler is a Westside Los Angeles mom whose interest in emergency preparedness began when her daughter started pre-school and was required to have a personal emergency kit. That raised the question: "Why shouldn't everyone have an emergency kit?" And why not at an affordable price? Her concern (and her obsession) led her to thoroughly research the subject and then create her own business. She now provides consultation services for families and businesses, as well as offering the Emergency Café line of kits. “We all have such busy lives. It is hard to find the time to go out and buy everything that we need for an emergency kit. I started this company to help all of us that have it on our “To Do List,” but just don’t have the time to actually do it!”

At www.emergencycafe.com [3] you can find complete kits for home and office, assembled for both individuals and families. Emergency Café also has deluxe car kits, recently featured on the Today Show, that will assist you in getting out of your car quickly by cutting your seatbelt and shattering your window. Each deluxe kit also contains enough food, water, first aid, search & rescue, lighting, comfort and sanitation products to sustain each person for 3 days. Cari also offers a complete line of add-on items such as extra days of food and water, battery less flashlights, power failure lights, 5-year water storage systems, and more.

Cari’s mission is to get everyone prepared. She stresses how important it is that every family has a plan. Here are some topics that your entire family should discuss when it comes to making an emergency plan:

1. How can we prepare ourselves at home?

2. In the event of an earthquake, what are potential dangers in our home?

3. Have a plan and rehearse it. After talk about how it went and if you need to make some changes. Escape route, where do we all meet.

4. Are we prepared to evacuate our home in less than 30 minutes?

5. Is there an emergency shelter location in our neighborhood?

6. Which out of state relative or friend will you use as a contact?

7. How much ready cash should we keep in our home? Banks and ATMs will not be working.

8. What is our plan if an earthquake strikes while at work, school, on a Saturday night?

9. What emergency supplies do you need?

10. Where should you keep your emergency supplies?

Cari is an amazing woman in general. But she is also the one to trust in the field of emergency preparedness. She has been a guest speaker at several conferences and schools and her client list is a virtual who’s who in Hollywood.

BE READY. Every family needs to be prepared. Cross it off your list today, order a Deluxe Family Kit from Emergency Café. It may seem expensive, but it is easy and potentially the best purchase you will make all year. Use the code ECMOM at checkout and receive 10% off.

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