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Thanksgiving: Up with Thanks, Down with Stress.

It may seem too late to scurry around for this year's Thanksgiving meal, but luckily many people have already compiled quick and easy recipes that can benefit you. Plus, the trick is to watch what works (and what doesn't!) and set aside notes for next year.


Check out what our MommyTracked friends have to say about Turkey Day:


Thanksgiving is a ripe opportunity to take photographs for your holiday cards - the kids are already dressed up, the leaves are pretty, and perhaps Auntie Jean can hold the camera so you can all get in the picture.


Plenty of online venues can turn your photos into gorgeous holiday cards. Consider Mango Ink [1], Tiny*Prints [2], or Minted [3].


Don't forget the stamp - personalized hoto stamps [4] kick up your correspondence another notch. (Tip: holiday photo card outtakes make fantastic stamps!)


Most of all, try to relax. The holidays are supposed to be fun, not a stress-fest.

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