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Doomed to Dance.

Created Nov 19 2009 - 9:41pm

Ivy and Bean Doomed to DanceFans of Ivy and Bean rejoice. Book 6 in the series, Ivy + Bean Doomed to Dance [1], has arrived, and once again the two sassy best friends are in a fix. This time, they’ve convinced their reluctant parents to let them take ballet lessons, with the caveat that they can neither quit nor complain. Thinking they’ll learn to jump and kick in ballet class, they’re dismayed to discover they’re supposed to be graceful – not their thing at all. Not only are they decidedly ungraceful; even worse, they’re “bored out of their minds.” They hate being butterflies and instead of delicately kitty-jumping across the floor, they clump. They tough it out, grumbling to one another, until they learn they’re fated to be squids in the upcoming recital, gently waving their tentacles in the air. Determined to figure a way out, they contemplate spraining their arms so they can’t wave them, catching some germs so they’ll be too sick to perform, worrying a lot about feeling stupid on a stage in front of a whole bunch of people. Finally, they fix on the ultimate escape: running away. Instead, being Ivy and Bean, they get lost and in trouble. High spirited, inventive and just a little obstreperous, these two un-princesses and their adventures make lively reading for kids comfortable with chapter books. It’s cheering to know, now that Number 6 has arrived, that Number 7 is in the works.

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