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Lindsey Gladstone


Lindsey Gladstone

DailyCandy [1], a Web monolith that includes sections on fashion, food & drink, travel and more, and boasts regional editions in major cities across the country, has become the de facto resource for anything and everything au courant. When you want to find the coolest, trendiest and most unique baby/kids products around, you turn to DailyCandy Kids. Lindsey Gladstone, national editor of the Kids edition, is a trendsetter for tots and parents alike by scouring through tons of products to deliver the best of the best to loyal readers.



Lindsey started at DailyCandy in 2004 and helped launch the Chicago edition, serving as its local editor until 2006. She then launched into homes across the country as "The Shopping Detective," a title she held on the eponymous half-hour TV show that aired nationally on the FINE LIVING Network.


In 2008, Lindsey returned to DailyCandy as the national Kids Editor to help launch seven new local editions of DailyCandy Kids [2].


Lindsey has also reported on shopping for The New York Times "T: Style" Magazine, written spa and salon reviews for Allure magazine and filed style reports for Chicago Magazine, Chicago Social and Front Desk.


Lindsey Gladstone lives in Chicago with her husband Ben, 18-month-old daughter Nora, and is expecting her second child any day now.



Congratulations on the impending birth of your second child. Has this pregnancy been different from the first? Do you feel a little more relaxed going into the process this time around?


Thanks! It has definitely been a different experience the second time around. I don't know that I'm more relaxed. I would say that between work, an 18-month-old, my husband, friends, and the general chaos of life, I haven't had as much time to fixate on baby number two's arrival.


DailyCandy Kids [3] is known for uncovering the best baby/kid products on the market and has become such a valuable resource for parents. Are there any particular products that you've discovered as editor and incorporated into your personal life as a parent?


At DailyCandy Kids we only write about things we've tried, tested, and loved, so yes. A couple of items that quickly became personal favorites were the Beaba Babycook (makes making your own baby food a real possibility even for time crunched moms), Pitter Patties (makes the transition between baby food and solids so much easier), and my Dalla Nonna necklace with my daughter's birthday (makes the inevitable mommy sweatpants and tees look much more stylish).

You previously hosted a TV series on FINE LIVING called, "The Shopping Detective" where you provided helpful shopping tips for viewers. Have you always had a penchant for shopping and cultivating your own style? How has your shopping philosophy changed, if at all, after becoming a parent?


I've always been a "good" consumer, but I think over time (and especially since becoming a parent) I've become a smarter consumer. That's not to say I don't occasionally splurge, it's just that I make smarter choices, like purchasing things that will last for more than one season - or can be used for more than one child.


What is a perfect shopping experience for you?


The fantasy: Alone for an entire day, walking in and out of stores, taking my time, with an endless supply of cash.


The reality: Online, after the baby is in bed, on a budget.


Based on your vast knowledge of the kid products scene and your expertise as a "Shopping Detective," do you have any go-to birthday gift suggestions?


I don't have go-to gifts for birthdays, but I do have go-to sites: gifthero.com [4], oompa.com [5] and fawnandforest.com [6].


DailyCandy Kids is a must-read for millions of parents. Do you have any must-read sites?


For inspirational kids stuff, I love smallmagazine.net [7], lmnop.com.au [8], eensies.com [9], gastrokid.com [10] and ohdeedoh.com [11].


For me stuff, I read dailycandy.com [12](natch), salon.com [13], nytimes.com [14], refinery29.com [15] and designspongeonline.com [16].

It's hard to believe that we're already approaching the holiday season. Are there any special traditions that you've started with your own family or plan to begin since you'll soon have two kids?


This year I'll have two under two -- so they are really still too young to understand the holidays. But as they get older my husband and I have discussed limiting the presents for Hanukkah and focusing on being together as a family for eight nights -- whether its volunteering at a soup kitchen one night and going to ice skate outside at Millennium Park (in Chicago) the next. I'm hoping that we can redirect their energy away from the toys, games, and presents to the stuff that we think matters.


What is the most challenging part of your life as a working mom?


I struggle to find balance -- without guilt. There just doesn't seem to be enough time for work, for my kids, for my husband, for my friends, for myself. I was raised believing I could do it all - and do it well. And I feel so lucky to have been raised by feminist parents who believed in me -- and taught me to believe in myself. But in practice I don't know if that's realistic. At some point something has to give. And that's okay. It's my greatest hope that my daughter grows up believing she can be anything - but doesn't have to be everything.


What is your most indulgent me-time activity?


I wish I could say yoga and gardening, but I have to admit it's my television shows. And Us Weekly.




National Editor of DailyCandy Kids Lindsey Gladstone was interviewed by Jeana Lee Tahnk [17]. As a writer and professional photographer, Jeana's work and personal essays on parenting have appeared in high profile outlets as The Boston Globe, NPR's This I Believe and Woman's Day. She is also a public relations consultant with an agency in San Francisco. She currently splits her time between her dual careers of PR and writing from her home on the North Shore in Massachusetts.


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