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Laurie David Wants to Hear from You.

Hello parents across America, Laurie David here. You might know me as the producer of An Inconvenient Truth or as the ex-wife of a famous curmudgeon comedian. Either way, I would love your help with a book I am working on about the importance of family dinner and how to accomplish it so that you and your kids are connecting in a meaningful way.


To that end I would love to hear your thoughts on the questions below. Lots of prominent chefs and nationally acclaimed parenting experts are contributing to this book but nothing can replace the experience of mom or dad on the front lines every day.


Please email me your answers at Thefamilytablebook@gmail [1]. Many thanks.


1. What are some of your challenges getting your whole family to the dinner table?

2. What are some of the rituals/rules you have around dinnertime?

3. When your kids grow up, what will be one of their “food love memories” from their childhood?

4. Do you have a favorite family recipe that your kids get excited about when they know you are making it?

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