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Trista Sutter


Trista Sutter
Trista Sutter warmed her way into America's hearts as the first "Bachelorette" on ABC's eponymous show in 2002. She bucked the odds of finding a husband on a reality TV show and has been happily married to the last man standing and ‘winner,' Ryan Sutter for six years. As mom of son, Max, 2 and recently-born daughter, Blakesley, 4 months, Trista certainly has her hands full.
Between managing a household with two little ones and staying in the celebrity spotlight (from a distance in Colorado), Trista Sutter is proving that happily ever after is possible when love begins on a TV show.



You've always been called upon as the go-to gal for anything and everything related to The Bachelor/Bachelorette, but this season, you were also a blogger for E! Online about the series. With a newborn daughter and toddler keeping you busy, when did you find the time to watch the episodes and write your recaps?


I don't know if I'd say I'm the go-to gal , but I do get asked my opinion a lot regarding the show. When E! asked me to blog about it, I figured it was a win-win because I was planning on watching it anyway! Monday nights were actually my relief. Ryan was in charge of getting Max to bed when he wasn't working and I had my girlfriends over...so it was actually an escape from mommyhood (even though I'd never want to escape permanently and I had Blakesley in my arms). We have Tivo, so I re-watched on Tuesdays and wrote as I watched. My blog was due by 3 pm MST and I cut it close a lot, but I guess I'm good under pressure.


Given the poor track record of the couples on the show, do you think it was it just the luck of the draw for you and Ryan, or do you feel that you have a greater sense of commitment than the other participants were willing to give?


I honestly can't say. I don't know the ins and outs of the other couples. I just know that Ryan and I were in the right place at the right time and it was meant to be.


Every wedding anniversary that my husband and I celebrate ends with me making him watch our wedding video (just the highlight reel though!) You're fortunate to have your entire courtship documented for all eternity. Do you ever go back and watch episodes from your season?


I wish Ryan would watch with me! I've watched the show when they've re-aired, but don't really pull out the tapes unless a friend or family member asks to see them.

After the birth of your son, Max, you famously appeared on the cover of US Weekly looking fit and fabulous in a bikini. How has your experience been the second time around to get back in shape?


First of all...thank you. That was incredible motivation, I admit. I am doing Abdominal Cuts [1] again, which is definitely helping, but it has been especially difficult this time. As anyone with multiple children knows, life is exponentially harder and busier. You feel like working out should be the last priority, but my motivation is my health, fitting in my clothes, and feeling sexy for my husband. I admit, I didn't really get going until a few months after Blakesley was born, but now I'm in it and feeling great.


What has been the hardest part for you with the transition from one to two kids? Do have help and/or family nearby?


Everything is harder. The hardest part though is just finding the time to be a productive adult and a good wife. We do have family nearby, thankfully, and we get to see them about once a month, for which we feel incredibly blessed.


With the recent media coverage of your Essure permanent birth control procedure, you've made your decision to stop having children very public. I saw on your Twitter feed [2] that you're planning a media tour as well. Why was it important to you to have an open discussion about something that some would consider to be a private issue?


I actually partnered with Essure to get the word out about the procedure and they are the ones who have planned the media tour. I have the platform and am an honest person. I don't feel the need to keep my decision hidden, just because some feel it to be a private matter. I would rather use the platform being in the public eye has given me to let others know that they don't have to go under the knife if they know that their family is complete.

Being in the public spotlight and voicing your opinion certainly puts you in a position to be both lauded and criticized. Do you feel that your life in Colorado, away from all the celebrity buzz, enables you to distance yourself a bit from all the drama?


It certainly helps!


You had a diaper bag business for a while but put that on hold to pursue other interests. Would you like to get back into fashion and design? Any other plans to start another business?


I would absolutely love the chance to do something in design and fashion. I am actually working with a company on a children's line...I'll be tweeting about it @tristasutter [3] as soon as I can!


If you had several hours completely to yourself, how would you spend the time? Does that ever happen?


If you consider naptime for both kids, time to myself... It's never several hours though! Otherwise, no, that is not part of my life these days, fortunately or unfortunately. If it was I would love to hit the spa for a facial and massage, even if it was just a couple times a year!! A mother can dream.




Interviewed by Jeana Lee Tahnk [4] As a writer and professional photographer, Jeana's work and personal essays on parenting have appeared in high profile outlets as The Boston Globe, NPR's This I Believe and Woman's Day. She is also a public relations consultant with an agency in San Francisco. She currently splits her time between her dual careers of PR and writing from her home on the North Shore in Massachusetts.


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