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Michelle Obama Wades Into Health Care Debate.

First Lady Michelle Obama leapt into the health care debate [1] by framing the passage of a health care bill as a women’s issue.


“Women play a unique and increasingly significant role in our families,” Obama said. “We know the pain, because we are usually the ones dealing with it.”


“. . . Eight in 10 women, mothers, report that they’re the ones responsible for choosing their children’s doctor, for getting them to their checkups, for managing that follow-up care,” she continued. “Women are the ones to do it. Mothers are the ones that do it . . . And more than 10 percent of women in this country are currently caring for a sick or elderly relative.”


Saying that the path for “true equality for women” lies in the passage of a bill that provides health insurance coverage for everyone, Obama said women are “disproportionately affected by this issue because of the roles that we play in families . . . [W]omen are affected because of the jobs that we do in this economy. We all know that women are more likely to work part-time, or to work in small companies or businesses that don’t provide any insurance at all.” (September 2009)

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