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Sadie Weighs In.

by Stefanie Wilder-Taylor


I haven’t talked about Sadie here in awhile, mainly because things have been moving along at a snail’s pace –steady but aggravatingly slow. When you have a child with “issues” and by issues I don’t mean and irritatingly passive aggressive personality, I mean developmentally delayed, small accomplishments are met with big celebration. Mattie climbs on the coffee table? Holy crap, we need to figure a way to baby proof more efficiently; Sadie climbs onto the table? Holy crap, get the video camera!


The story with Sadie, my little twin, started with her tiny size [1] and IUGR diagnosis [1] (Intra Uterine Growth Restriction) but her weight, slow growth and lack of interest in food was only the tip of the iceberg. She was also not rolling over, rarely smiled, couldn’t get onto her knees even though her sister had already started crawling and wasn’t babbling. But you had to know her a little to know what was under the surface. The first thing you would see when you looked at Sadie was how insanely little she was.


Early intervention has been the best thing to happen to Sadie and our whole family. What started with twice weekly occupational therapy (Hi Julia!) to find out why she wasn’t eating blossomed into twice weekly physical therapy (Yo! Joann!), twice monthly nutritionist appointments (I love you Patricia) and starting July 1st, probably twice weekly speech therapy (can’t wait to meet you Beth!). On Saturday our nutritionist came by to weigh and measure Sadie. At her last weigh in, she weighed 17 lbs. 10 oz. waaay under the charts for an eighteen month old baby but following along her own little curve. Saturday we were braced for the worst because due to her endless teething or her mood or the alignment of the planets, or Hannah Montana’s touring schedule, Sadie’s been an extremely reluctant eater and we’ve been relying more heavily on her overnight tube feeding to make up for her lack of food consumption. So no one was more surprised than me to see the scale read 18 lbs. 11 ½ oz. She’s almost 19 lbs now which is figuratively huge; unfortunately not literally. But I realized something very important at this last weigh-in: Although Sadie’s size may be the first thing you see when you look at her, it’s no longer the first thing I see. Sadie’s becoming extremely and completely (to be said in a British accent like Lola of Charlie and Lola) her own person.


Let me tell you a bit about the Sadie of now. Her favorite song is Q-Tip’s Move/Renaissance Rap followed closely by The Glenn Miller Orchestra’s Moonlight Serenade. She has little tolerance for Kenny Loggins’ House on Pooh Corner, which forces me to listen to it alone which is ever so slightly embarrassing (especially at loud levels in the minivan with the windows down – so not badass!) She lives for alone time with a full container of baby wipes so she can systematically pull them out one by one making a giant pile of damp clothes on the floor until I come screeching over jabbering about the high cost of wipes which makes her laugh hysterically. She’s quite the fan of her daddy’s lap and chest. The sight of her resting peacefully there after a bad dream can make me feel insanely jealous and incredibly joyful at the exact same time. The kid is funny too. She will take her sister Matilda’s finger and put in gently in her mouth and then either bite down hard or give it a kiss – it’s a toss-up. This makes her sister laugh really hard or sob and Sadie finds it the height of hi-larity. Despite her slight frame she manages to have a dimply butt just like her momma! I couldn’t be more proud! She adores going for walks and the mere mention of going out will get her crawling into her seat in the double stroller sort of like a dog who goes and gets his leash when you jingle your keys. She prefers Jack’s Big Music Show to The Wiggles but will dutifully sit through Dateline NBC in a pinch.


When Patricia measured Sadie’s height after her weigh-in, she noticed Sadie had gained a few centimeters in length and she said, “If she isn’t taller by the end of the summer, I’m going to recommend taking her in to see an endocrinologist.” “Oh, she’s still really short,” I said. “I really hadn’t noticed.”




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