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New Book, Womenomics Addresses Different Approaches to Work, Family.

Journalists Claire Shipman and Katty Kay, in their new book Womenomics [1], say that we’re “on the brink of a revolution. And it comes 30 years after a legendary ad sold working women on the idea they could have it all – as long as they worked their way up the ladder like men.”


In an article for ABC’s web site [2], Shipman wrote, “Womenomics is the notion that women can have great power in the workplace, and that their desire to work differently is finally bringing down the old order and creating huge new opportunities based on newer, more flexible rules.”


In an excerpt from the book [3] the authors said that professional women are seeking diverse ways to advance their careers that don’t mandate that they sacrifice their families or sanity in the process:


“. . . [T]he overwhelming majority of women are longing to kick down that dreaded corporate ladder, flee the 8 a.m.-to-daycare-closing dash, but at the same time hang on to some real status. We have had enough of the fifty- or sixty-hour workweeks, holidays that never get taken, the juggling and spinning and rushing. We know the solution isn’t longer hours at day care or hiring more babysitter or asking our husbands to stay home. Because we’re the ones who want more time – for our children, our parents, our communities, ourselves.


“Most educated women don’t want to quit work altogether, even if they could. We want to use our brains and be productive professionally, but we don’t want to keep tearing at the fabric of our families or our lives outside of the workplace. We need to slow down. We want to slow down – to take a moment to thank the cashier at the grocery store, to indulge in banter with our neighbor, to occasionally handle ballet drop-off or make it to our book club. We want to be in our lives.” (June 2009)


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