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Meeting Michelle.

by Wendy Sachs


I am on a quest to meet Michelle Obama. I think we could be friends. Yes, I bet lots of women think Michelle could be their BFF and maybe that’s part of her charm. And maybe that’s what has endeared her to most of the world.


I really feel a connection. Michelle is a mom of two; I’m a mom of two, check. Michelle’s husband has a really important and stressful job; my husband’s gig is, well, not as important, but he’s always stressed, check. Michelle is growing an organic garden; I shop at Whole Foods, semi-check. Michelle wants to change the world; I voted for her husband and I recycle, check. We both appreciate a Five Guys cheeseburger, check.


As the world has become feverishly infatuated with Michelle, so have I. The more we see, the more we adore. Not only is Michelle cool, smart, hip and in shape, she’s busting down all types of First Lady barriers. Maxim magazine even named Michelle in its Hottest 100 issue – the first time ever that a First lady has made the cut.


It’s not just the arms, the curves, the confidence, her enviable job, and that cute, successful, hoop playing husband of hers that has me so intrigued. Frankly, it’s those well behaved and gorgeous girls that make Michelle seem too perfect. Remember that frigid and blustery January Inauguration day? I was there, whining in the whipping wind, but Sasha and Malia wearing significantly fewer layers of clothing, sweetly smiled and waved for hours. Do they ever kvetch?


The more I learn about Michelle, the more I am convinced she’d make a fabulous friend. Chilling out in the swanky digs on Pennsylvania Avenue and having the best seats at the Kennedy Center – the best seats everywhere – would be nice perks of the friendship, but I think there’s more. I have a hunch that FLOTUS is a great person to take to the mall and go jeans or swimsuit shopping. I have no doubt that Michelle would be straight with you if your rear looked like a double wide in the low rise skinny jeans or bikini you tried on. And you’d appreciate her honesty.


Michelle gives off that rare vibe of sensible and inspirational. I bet she would be sympathetic to griping about your husband or your job and all the kid stuff. But she would also give you perspective and tell you to buck up and deal. I sense a little Oprah tough love in her approach.


“You feel stuck in your job and in your life, than make a change sister! Decide what you want and go after it!” Michelle would probably say.


Working in New York and not part of the Sidwell Friends crowd in D.C., I haven’t been jockeying for First Daughter playdates or White House party invites. I follow Michelle’s various visits to after school programs and military family events from the press reports and like many, stay transfixed and fascinated by Michelle from a distance. But the next time that she is New York to headline another event as Most Influential/Powerful/ Fashionable/ Interesting Woman of Our Time, I’m hoping she’d like to meet me for a cup of coffee – my treat.

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