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Michelle O: Cover Girl, Again.

People sure do seem to love putting the Obama family on the cover of their magazines, particularly Time [1], which this week has the First Lady on the cover with a story entitled, “The Meaning of Michelle Obama.”


“Few First Ladies have embedded themselves so quickly in the world’s imagination,” the magazine said in its introduction to its Q&A [2] with Obama. “And none have traveled so far, not just from Chicago’s South Side to the East Wing, but from the caricatured Angry Black Woman of last spring to her exalted status as a New American Icon, as if her arrival will magically reverse eight years of anti-American spitballing, elevate the black middle class, promote family values, give voice to the voiceless and inspire us all to live healthier, more generous lives.”


On a question about her dress selection [3] at an event, Obama turned it into a pep talk for women about owning their own choices in life:


“. . . [Y]ou might as well start with what you like and what you care about, what your passions are, what makes sense. That’s my message to women, if anything, over the course of this, is, find your space. Find your spot. Wear what you love. Choose the careers that may have meaning to you, because there’s always somebody who will say, ‘I wouldn’t have worn that color, or why didn’t you work that job.’


But if you’re comfortable in the choice and it resonates with you, then all that other stuff . . . it’s just conversation. People have the right to have conversations. But I think that’s one thing we women sometimes do; we don’t make choices that have meaning to us. And then when those things fall apart, you have to have yourself to fall back on. You have to own the choices that you make, and hopefully they’re yours to begin with.” (May 2009)


also in Newsdesk [3].

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