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Annual ‘Mom Salary Survey.’

Salary.com [1] released its ninth annual survey in which it attempts to quantify the value of the unpaid work American mothers do for their families. The value of the work at-home mothers do was this year listed at $122,732, while the value of the home/mothering work done by moms in the paid workface was $76,184. Tasks included in the calculations included: Child care, housekeeping, cooking, transportation and janitorial services.


“We value the job of mom based on her job description and calculate what an employer would have to pay in cash if they were to hire someone to do all that a mom does,” said Meredith Hanrahan, senior vice president of Salary.com. (May 2009)


-- Read what our own Wendy Sachs has to say about this in "What is a Mom Worth? [1]"

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