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Obama Talks Working Parents, Military Families.

by Meredith O'Brien (cross-posted to Newsdesk [0])


Despite difficult economic times, companies should do a better job of enabling their employees to successfully balance their roles as employees and parents, Michelle Obama told members of the group Corporate Voices for Working Families, UPI reported [1].


Mentioning flex-time, paid leave and child care, Obama said: “These types of policies can be the key to whether a family remains economically viable or slips into financial uncertainty . . . We need to find ways to encourage employees to follow your lead and adopt work-life policies that afford employees flexibility and much-needed support.”


Obama said 22 million working mothers “don’t have a single paid sick day, that means they lose money any time they have to stay home to take care of their kids,” according to the New York Times [2]. “. . . We need to discuss flexible work hours that give employees greater ability to attend to important family responsibilities like child pick-up, something as simple as that.”


Obama also, in an interview with The Pentagon Channel and American Forces Press Service, said the Obama Administration is trying to assist military families [3].


“We’re seeing a 2.9 percent increase in salary for our [service members] to ensure that we’re retaining and attracting new numbers of individuals who want to be part of the military forces and feel like they can build a life as a result,” Obama said.. “In terms of our spouses, the administration is investing $80 million just for career development and training for spouses, which is critical.”


Obama also promised to provide more health care and mental health support to service men and women. (May 2009)

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