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Label Me Organized

What do legos, puzzle pieces, small sweaters, batteries, recipes, household bills, lunch boxes, sippy cups, kids' shoes, outgrown baby clothes, seldom used but still useful kitchen utensils, markers, unanswered pieces of snail mail, unread magazines, greeting cards worth saving, kids' art and pre-digital photos all have in common?

Along with an endless list of other clutter, these are the demons that threaten to overtake our lives,  As we have noted before, the line between order and chaos in a working mother's world is a very fine one.  We need all the help we can get to manage that chaos.  We say -- label it.

[1]Featured everywhere from The CBS Early Show to Daily Candy, Mabel's Labels [2] is the answer to your kid stuff-related chaos.    When kids go to babysitters, daycare, school and their friends' houses, their bottles, hats, sippy cups, toys and even shoes end up getting mixed up or lost.  These creative and durable personalized labels make it easier to keep track of your kids' stuff.  You won't ever take home the wrong pair of Vans again.

[3]Brightly colored and personalized with a name and the adorable but not too cutesy icon of your choice, these labels will change your life.  They come sticky, iron-on, specially designed for shoes and now there is even the "Neatfreak Combo" for household stuff.   

Julie Cole, very cool working mom and owner of Mabel's Labels Inc., is offering all Mommy Track'd Readers a 5% discount.  Use the code "TRACKD" at checkout.


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