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High Hopes for a Boost in Federal Work-Life Policies.

As Barack Obama commences his first term as the president, Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman [1] says she hopes that, under the influence of his wife Michelle, Obama will push for federal pro-family policies such as paid sick days, flextime and time for parents to attend school conferences.


“. . . [W]hat a chance Michelle Obama has to become mom-in-chief to a nation struggling to keep it together,” Goodman wrote. “As her husband said, ‘I believe in the general theory that if Mom is happy, everybody’s happy.’ That sounds like a pretty good national policy.”


Meanwhile, over on the Huffington Post [2] writer Heather Cabot says she’s intrigued to see how Michelle Obama’s own experience as a working mom will play out in the administration and in the dialogue about parenthood. “. . . [I]n the middle of this recession, when many women now face an imperative to work (perhaps returning after years at home), [Michelle] Obama's voice on the issue of work-life balance may resonate strongly,” Cabot wrote. “She knows what it's like to be the breadwinner, too.” (January 2009)

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