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Pre-2009 Michelle Obama Coverage.

Michelle Obama's 'Mom-in-Chief' Choices Continue to Spur Discussion. [0]
Michelle Obama's decision to label herself "mom-in-chief" once her family moves to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is still causing waves. Maggie Jackson, author of "Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age," wrote in the Boston Globe [1] that Obama is setting a poor example for women. ". . . Michelle
Obama has been a highly successful working mother and will be again some day," Jackson wrote. "To hear her try to distance herself now from that role does a disservice to our children - and to our country." Read More [1]

Back Seat Job. [1]
There’s a downside to the immense good fortune facing Michelle Obama, the world’s highest profile “trailing spouse.” The new House rocks, you’ve got every private school admissions officer in DC looking out for your girls, and you won’t have any shortage of invitations, decorators, designers, household help, and unforgettable opportunities. But for an ambitious, self-directed woman with a prestigious, hard-earned career of her own, these perks strike me as mere consolation. I can’t pretend to read Michelle Obama’s mind, but to me, nothing beats charting your own course in your lifetime. Read More [1]

Michelle Obama Gets Advice From Overseas. [1]
As the incoming First Family readies itself for the transition to life inside the world's biggest fishbowl, Michelle Obama has been on the receiving end of much advice, the latest of which came from attorney Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In a piece entitled "My Advice to Michelle Obama: Learn to Like the Back Seat," Blair said that adjusting to being married to a world leader will mean more than just a change in venue. Read More [1]

Working Mother Media: Election Role Models. [1]
Carol Evans, founder of Working Mother Media, said this recent election offered some good role models for working parenthood. “Michelle Obama is a great role model as First Lady,” Evans told the Miami Herald [2]. “She’s a mother and a lawyer, who has had an active career. Read More [2]

First Granny. [2]
I’m seriously coveting Marian Robinson. Certainly you know who Marian Robinson is, President-Elect Barack Obama’s mother-in-law who he called the “unsung hero” of his campaign, the 71-year-old retired bank secretary who, for years, has picked up Obama’s girls from school and driven them to their extra-curricular activities, the Chicago Sun-Times reported. For the past two years, while Barack and Michelle Obama were campaigning and traveling the country, Marian Robinson was home in Chicago, taking care of 7-year-old Sasha and 10-year-old Malia. Read More [2]

First Granny to Help Out First Family. [2]
Word has it that Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, who took care of the Obamas’ 7- and 10-year-old daughters during the presidential campaign, will be moving to Washington on Inauguration Day [3] to help the First Family. Read More [3]

Michelle As First Lady: General Election Edition. [3]
They both did well in fulfilling their ascribed duties. One was supposed to explain why her husband and the family they’ve made together are just like everybody else’s, as American as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a plate of mac-n-cheese. The other was supposed to explain why her party’s latest change agent is the guy who deserves your vote. Read More [3]

Pop Culture Civility. [3]
...Following the Palin story were two profiles, one of Cindy McCain, one of Michelle Obama, where readers got a glimpse of their personal lives and what’s important to them. McCain described herself as a multi-tasking “jump-right-in kind of mom” who, while out campaigning for her husband was looking at e-mails her youngest daughter sent while dress shopping “to get my opinion on what to buy.” Obama, who called herself a “problem-solver,” heaped all manner of praise upon her own mother who has taken care of her 7- and 10-year-old girls when she’s been on the campaign trail. “She’s our rock,” Obama said. Read More [3]

Candidate Spouses Talk Parenthood. [3]
Both Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama hit the campaign trail recently and addressed their experiences as moms.
Obama -- a lawyer, hospital executive and mother of two – told the National Partnership for Women and Families that she hears regularly from working moms about the difficulties they encounter trying to work and raise children, saying that the American workplace should be more “mom friendly.” “I’ve listened to the mother struggling to make ends meet because her salary isn’t keeping up with the cost of groceries for her children,” Obama said. “And there is the mom who’s nervous about taking time off to care for a sick child, or the mom who is scared to death that her boss will fire her if she finds out that she’s pregnant.” Read More [3]

The Working Mother as First Lady. [3]
Four years have made little difference. Heck, 15 years haven't made a difference either. You see, when it comes to the female spouses of the men who are running for president, no matter what they do in their professional lives, they're, basically, screwed. If the spouse is a working woman, she has two options. Option 1: Pitch the job overboard or scale back the work in order to help campaign. Option 2: Do something different, like continue to work while the husband campaigns. It really makes no difference which option a potential first lady chooses. Read More [3]

Report: No Singular First Lady Archetype. [3]
“There is no stereotype for first lady anymore,” Lisa Caputo, Hillary Clinton’s former White House communications director told The New York Times. “We’ve evolved as a country beyond one image.” The paper compared and contrasted Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain with recent first spouses, particularly on the career front, identifying Clinton as the first first spouse who ran with her husband as “a modern career woman who weighed in on policy.” Read More [3]

First Spouses: Rules of Engagement. [3]
After wading through dozens of news stories and blog posts comparing and contrasting potential first ladies Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain, after watching countless commentators contemplate which woman will be a major boost (or major downer) to her husband’s campaign I decided I HAD to write about this topic. Read More [3]

Michelle Obama Makes Page One For Reducing Paid Work Schedule [3].
So you’re working your tail off as a hospital executive, in addition to serving on a couple of corporate board and raising daughters, ages 5 and 8, with your spouse. Then your husband decides to run for president. You then opt to cut back to 20 percent time at the hospital so you can help your candidate. And your decision makes national news. Michelle Obama’s schedule scale-back has been the focus of articles in The New York Times and The Washington Post . And the Washington, D.C.-based blogger PunditMom weighed in as well saying, "Front page coverage presenting [Obama] as a high profile victim of the balancing/opt-out discussion." Read More [3]

More ‘Feminist Fury’ About Michelle Obama. [3]
Michelle Obama is continuing to take heat for reducing her hours as a hospital executive (to 20 hours/week), in order to help her husband Barack run for president. "Damn it all, Michelle Obama has quit her $215,000 dream job and demoted herself to queen," wrote Debra Dickerson in Salon. ". . . She’s traded in her solid gold resume, high-octane talent . . . to be a professional wife and hostess." Dickerson said she’s in a "feminist fury" over the fact that Obama, mother of two young children, was pressured to "sacrifice herself at the altar of her husband’s ambition." Read More [3]

A Recipe for Disaster. [3]
It’s hard out there for a gal. A political gal. On the campaign trail. Even if the gal isn’t the one who’s running for elected office.The past few weeks have proven challenging for the lone woman running for president, as well as for the women married to the men who are running for president. Being subjected to intense, personal scrutiny – unlike the kind men typically experience – is truly a feminine odyssey. Not one for the timid. Read More [3]

‘Mom-in-Chief,’ Not Informal Policy Advisor. [3]
If her husband is elected president, Michelle Obama told a group of Obama supporters that her priority will be on serving as "mom-in-chief" to the couple’s 10- and 7-year-old daughters. "My first job in all honesty is going to continue to be mom-in-chief, making sure that in this transition, which will be even more of a transition for the girls . . . that they are settled and that they know they will continue to be the center of our universe." Obama said, according to the Associated Press [4]. Read More [4]

Michelle Obama: Mom First. Political Wife Second. [4]
So reads the headline from the ABC News web site above a story profiling Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama. Comparing Obama to presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton’s political spouse, ABC says Obama emphasizes the personal – such as identifying with fellow mothers of young children – while former President Bill Clinton pointedly talks about issues. “He [Clinton] dwells on the details of policy -- exhaustive explanations of his wife's positions on health care,
Iraq , education and other subjects,” the ABC article said. “The
Illinois senator's spouse highlights the personal.” Read More [4]

Michelle Obama on What's Really Important. [4]
I have a hard time trying to imagine what it must be like to be married to a presidential candidate while simultaneously trying to raise two children under the age of 10. I find it challenging just tackling my own work, preparing semi-healthy meals, keeping the house clean enough so that it won’t be declared a Superfund site and raising my three small children with my husband, who works long hours out of the house. And that’s with no overnight work trips for either of us during the week. Read More [4]

Michelle Obama & Newsweek’s Power Women. [4]
Michelle Obama, high-level Chicago hospital administrator, mom of two and wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, recently spoke with a small group of women in
New Hampshire . The subject? The challenges working mothers face today. Blogger Brian “Cosmo” Lawson quoted Obama as saying, “We’re all just barely keeping our heads above water.” Noting that she does her own shopping (Target’s a regular destination), attends children’s soccer games and had to figure out what she was going to do about her daughters’ Halloween costumes, all while trying to help her husband win the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama added, “I’m struggling with a career.” Read More [4]

Michelle Obama: ‘Women are Frustrated.’ [4]
During another in a series of campaign stops in New Hampshire, Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, called a recent meeting with fellow working moms “therapeutic” and said there needs to be a more honest discussion about the challenges of doing paid work during one’s child-rearing years. "We haven't taken a total conversation about family values seriously. Read More [4]

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