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Top 10 New Years Resolutions for the Modern Mom.

by Joanna Zucker


1. Indulge yourself – find that little something that you love and do it regularly…get your nails done, read your favorite magazine cover to cover, take yoga or Spanish lessons and so on.


2. Take a vacation without the kids – even if it is just a long weekend, call the parents or in-laws for help and take time away with your husband.


3. Give up on being perfect – the quicker you do this, the better your year will be!


4. Get Organized – take the time and get your house, paperwork, calendar and finances in order. This will save you so much time and stress throughout the year that it is well worth the half-day investment.


5. Tell your husband what help looks like – they aren’t mind readers, just tell them what would help you in the New Year, what a perfect excuse to “re-balance” the load.


6. Create a new tradition with your kids –find a new family tradition and make a big deal out of it, they will remember it forever and you will cherish it for years to come.


7. Say “I love you” to your husband and kids every day, even if it is over the phone while you are away for work.


8. Entertain more – open your home and host your friends. Pick a few “parties” you want to throw and go for it, you’ll have a blast and re-connect with your friends.


9. Set clear expectations at work – with your boss and your subordinates. What do you expect, what will you deliver and how you will get your work done…including hours and amount of travel.


10. Set a career goal and life goal for the year – what will you reflect on at the end of the year, what will make you feel fulfilled, right it down and go for it.




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