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Doctors Say No TV For Little Ones!

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) once again reminded parents with children ages 2 and under that they should not be allowing their little ones to watch TV or other screens (like computer screens and smartphones) - something that 90% of parents currently allow!


Why not? The doctors’ group said such exposure can have “more potential negative effects than positive effects.”


One Potato, Two Potato

An attempt by the U.S. Agriculture Department to limit the amount of starchy vegetables public schools could serve at lunch was thwarted by the U.S. Senate, after some aggressive lobbying from potato farmers, Time reported.


Less Play Time Is Bad for Kids.

As the amount of time children are able to spend playing on their own has been on the decline, few people have realized that, as a result, youngsters may face “lifelong consequences,” and not good ones, writes pediatrician and Brown University professor Ester Entin in The Atlantic


Facebook, Kids & Privacy

How social-media savvy is your tween? The answer might surprise you!


According to a recent survey from Consumer Reports, over 7.5 million children ages 12 and younger are on Facebook - including 5 million under the age of 10 - despite the fact that federal law bars web sites from collecting personal data about kids under 13 without permission from their parents.


First Slow Food, Now Slow Families?

You’ve heard of "slow food," but how about "slow families?"


Challenging the current norm of hyper-busy families who hustle their children from one activity or sport to another, USA Today reported that there’s a growing “Slow Family” movement which puts a premium on spending time together as a family and bonding in order to forge close ties that’ll endure in the long haul.


Best Cities For Working Moms

Which city is the best place for working moms to live?


According to the list-masters over at ForbesWoman, it's Buffalo, New York!


The magazine cited healthy employment levels, “lower than average crime rates,” the highest per student expenditures “of any city on our list” as well as a “low cost of living” as among the myriad reasons for Buffalo’s success.


Bus Driver Hassles Mom With Crying Baby

The continued cries of a baby drove a Portland bus driver to demand that the mother quiet the child or get off the bus, the Associated Press reported


Depressed Moms Have Short Fuses

Highly stressed, depressed moms are more at risk for negative overreactions. A new study from the journal Development and Psychopathology found that the more depressed a mother is, the more likely it is that she’ll respond in an angry manner to stressful situations, USA Today reported.


Difficult Kids Need Positive Parenting

A study released in the medical journal Translational Psychiatry found that children with “a gene variation predisposing them to lower serotonin levels in the brain - which can lead to a gloomier disposition - were more likely to maintain happier emotions when exposed to positive parenting,” US News & World Report said


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