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Did Social Workers Cross the Line?

A 200-pound 8-year-old who was removed from his family's home by Ohio social workers has sparked a heated national debate over whether or not authorities overstepped.


Women & Politics

Do modern roadblocks prevent women from replicating Nancy Pelosi's rise in politics? One columnist says yes. 


Mom Coaches

Where are all the mom coaches in youth sports?


Only an estimated 650,000 of the nearly 4.1 million youth sports coaches in America are women, and a recent study in the journal Gender &  Society found that only 13.4% of American Youth Soccer Association coaches and 5.9% of Little League baseball and softball coaches are women.


Birth Rates Drop

Is the economy responsible for a dramatic dip in young women having kids? more

Moms and Sleep Meds


Mothers are rolling around sleepless across America, vexed and worried as they mentally scroll through their massive To-Do lists in the wee hours of the morning, growing still wearier with each passing night of sleep deprivation. 


A growing number of women are turning to sleeping pills and/or anti-anxiety medication as a solution, reported the New York Times.


Adolescent Sexual Harassment

As the 2012 presidential race is rocked by allegations from several women who claim that GOP hopeful Herman Cain sexually harassed them, a new report from the American Association of University Women found that “nearly half” of middle and high school students have experienced sexual harassment.


Kids And The News

It’s a strange time to be watching the news and having to explain it to our older children, who encounter the news whether we want them to or not. There’s an overall unsettled feeling lingering in the air. All we can do is try to make sense of the news stories we read each day and to help our kids through it too, even when those stories aren’t happy and hopeful. more

Are Moms To Blame For Sexist Kids?

A new Spanish study pins the blame on mothers if their children grow up to be adults who have sexist attitudes, Science Daily reported.


Less Stress For Part-Time Workers

Is working on a part-time basis the way for moms with young children to live a less stressful life? Yes, according to University of North Carolina Greensboro researchers who examined “how part-time work affected mom’s health, life at home, parenting and marital satisfaction.”


Is Reality TV Making Girls Mean?

Full of catfights and backstabbing, reality TV shows use personal drama to draw in viewers. But does this kind of programming have a "Mean Girls" effect on our daughters? According to the Girl Scouts, it just might. 


After polling over a thousand tween and teen girls, the Girl Scout Research Institute found that a majority of the girls think that reality show programs “reflect reality” and are “mainly real and unscripted.”


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