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Are "Stressed Out" Babies More Likely to Get Sick?

Are stressed out babies more vulnerable to disease later in life?


A new book contends that when babies experience “trauma” -- like being born prematurely, having a depressed mother and being neglected - they will be at risk for all kinds of bad things as they get older.


Twins Born a Year Apart?

Jan 4 2012

One of the questions that parents of twins routinely field is this, “How many minutes were in between their births?” The very next question is usually, “Who was born first?”


But for three sets of twins born on the cusp of the new year, the answer to that question is more tricky than usual as the children were born in different years! 


Raising Boys the Ron Swanson Way

Babble blogger Ron Mattocks paid homage to the fictional Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson - a brusque, take-no-prisoners, mustachioed fellow who is wont to offer “straightforward” and “genius” advice to boys about how to grow up to be a man.  more

School Bans "Party" T-Shirts

We've heard of kids feeling left out because they're not wearing the right designer brands or the latest styles, but it looks like the newest way to show off status is with "party T-shirts" - T-shirts and other paraphernalia from events like "Maggie’s 10th birthday party" or "Brian’s Bar Mitzvah."


Moms Working as Phone Sex Operators

This is not something out of Penthouse. Seriously.


According to ABC News, the number of mothers “who work as phone sex operators . . . [is] growing at dramatic rates.” The network blamed the bad economy for the surge in moms steaming up the phone lines for cash.


New Era for Mom TV Anchors?

The New York Times recently profiled Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, offering her up as an example of a new breed of TV talking heads who are open and honest about having a baby, growing a family and reporting the news on television. more

Marriage Rates Hit Record Low

Dec 15 2011

It looks like more and more adults in America are skipping the walk down the aisle as the number of marriages in the U.S. has "plunged to record lows," according to new survey results released by the Pew Research Center.

Only 51 percent of adults are married, a steep drop from the 57 percent who were married in 2000. Just to put the shift in perspective - back in the "Mad Men" year of 1960, 72 percent of adults were married. more

Moms Get More Stressed Over Multitasking

For moms, multitasking equals stress. For dads, not so much.


A new study in the American Sociological Review looked at mothers and fathers and multitasking and found that for the women, juggling more than one task at a time is more stressful than it is for the men.


Can Soccer Headers Cause Brain Damage?

Soccer moms everywhere have a new thing to worry about - it turns out that repeatedly heading soccer balls isn't great for young noggins.


Tiger Mom 2.0 - "Wolf Dad"

Hey Tiger Mom, get a load of Wolf Dad.


A 47-year-old Chinese businessman who goes by the moniker “Wolf Dad” has written a book, "My Beida Children," about how he raised successful children using strict parenting methods. And it's reviving the issue of Amy Chua’s controversial “Tiger Mom” memoir and the debate over Chinese parenting styles.


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