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Moms Portrayed as at Odds. Again.

The Coloradoan interviewed several Northern Colorado moms about their work choices and about whether they feel supported by other mothers for their decisions. more

Best Law Firms for Working Moms

The mom-lawyer legal community has been aflutter over Working Mother magazine’s and Flex-Time Lawyers’ new survey listing the “best” law firms for working moms. more

Hillary Clinton Dishes on Working Motherhood

In a Q&A in the September issue of Marie Claire, New York Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she experienced typical working mother guilt when her daughter was young, but she tried to achieve some sort of balance. “Bill and I alternated reading to her every night; we’d try to have a meal together every day, whether breakfast or dinner,”

Clinton more

I Need a Wife Too

The New York Times took its “Personal Business” section really personally when it recently ran a piece about how some working moms really wish they had a wife to help them take care of all things domestic. “Working women, whether married or single . . . more

More on the So-Called 'Mommy Wars'

Two national news publications recently ran pieces pleading for an end to "mommy wars," with one writer urging the media to refocus on family-friendly workplace policies, and another telling"narcissist mommies" to stop talking about their work choices.

Ready for Their Close-Ups

Local TV news anchorwomen were the focus of two articles in the Boston Globe and the Cincinnati Enquirer recently, addressing how difficult it can be as an on-air newswoman and mother.

Mom, the Candidate

Several local Utah politicians - including a pregnant mayoral candidate and a new mom city councilwoman - told the Daily Herald it's important thatmothers' voices are heard in politics.

From At-Home Mom to Employee

The Boston Globe profiled Carol Fishman Cohen, coauthor of Back on the Career Track: A Guide for Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want to Return to Work, discussing how women who are re-entering the workforce can explain resume gaps. more

Pregnant College Athletes' Rights

The NCAA's Committee on Women's Athletics said pregnancy and childbirth experienced by student-athletes should be considered a "temporary disability," the Washington Post reported. Earlier this year, ESPN ran a segment in which student-athletes said they believed they had to abort their pregnancies in order to keep their athletic scholarships. more

Parental Workplace Discrimination?

Lawsuits claiming "workplace discrimination because of family care-giving obligations" are on the rise, according to a New York Times Magazine piece. The article profiled several parents who lost their jobs when their responsibilities to their families – including caring for a sick child or spouse – came in conflict with their work, or when a woman took maternity leave and was replaced while she was on leave. more

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