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Mom as ‘Corporate Titan.’

The Boston Globe profiled companies which “pursue women who have dropped out of the workforce,” as well as provide extended leaves and offer programs to help on-ramping moms sharpen their skills. The article quoted a

business professor as saying that while such companies more

Why Aren’t Dads Called ‘Working Fathers?

Peggy Drexler, a blogger at the Huffington Post raised a really good point recently about a term we use everyday, including here at Mommy Track’d: “working mother.” “I’ve never liked the term: working mother,” Drexler wrote. “It says that I am some kind of sub-category; not a full member of the club. Maybe I’ll feel better about it the day I hear someone called a ‘working father.’” (September 2007) more

Easing the Back-to-Work Transition

The web site PhillyBurbs says that if a new mom wants to try and cope with mommy guilt when she goes back to work, the best thing to do is to come up with a strategy before heading out the door. For those who are going back to work after a “career hiatus,” the article suggested moms make a plan. (September 2007) more

Moms’ Schedules Altered for Their Kids

A new University of Cincinnati study has found that – stop the presses – mothers tend to re-arrange their work schedules more than fathers when a child is sick, has a pediatrician’s appointment or when school is unexpectedly canceled. more

Parental Tips for Back-to-School

Designate an area in the house for school stuff (backpacks, lunchboxes, etc.). Get a basket for school paperwork that need to be signed. Make a week’s worth of school lunches on one day. Create a master family calendar and e-mail appointments to the spouse and grandparents. All are tips the Miami Herald offered to working parents as ways with which to cope with back-to-school madness, saying that by planning ahead you can try and hope to stay “organized and sane.” (September 2007) more

‘Nanny Diaries’ Sparks Discussion

Aside from receiving lukewarm reviews, the film “The Nanny Diaries” has provoked discussion in the media and the blogosphere about the relationship between mothers and nannies. Here are a few reactions:


Matching Babysitters With Moms

In 20 U.S. cities, finding one of the most important tools in a parent’s arsenal – a good babysitter – just got a little easier. Entrepreneur Mary Sullivan Cooper has been playing matchmaker for several years with her service, MommyMixers, which arranges for moms to meet prospective babysitters. more

U.S. News & World Report: The New Mommy Track

This week's U.S. News & World Report is all about the new Mommy Track.  The issue focuses on how the modern mom is abandoning the supermom myth of the 1970s and the suburban soccer mom image of the 1990s and is now focused on "finding ways to blend work and family."  Articles for the cover story include:  "How to gain flexibility on the job and at home," "Where to go for family friendly advice," and "The Alpha Mom: Advertising's New Star."  (August 2007)  more

Working Mother Editor Suggests Moms Embrace Compromise

In an interview with The Washington Post, Suzanne Riss, editor of Working Mother Magazine suggested that mothers “commit to compromise” in order to maintain their sanity, and come to terms with the fact that they can’t do everything perfectly at the same time. more

Kids, Sancti-Mommies and Judgment for All

Are more kids ill-behaved these days? Are people, particularly other parents, too judgmental about how you parent? Are people without kids too intolerant of garden variety pediatric behavior? more

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