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More Money, Less Housework

A new University of Massachusetts study has found that for every $7,500 a woman earns as a full-time employee, she’s likely to do about one hour less housework a week. Researcher Sanjiv Gupta told the Associated Press: more

Step One: Have Kids. Step Two: Pursue Career

The Wall Street Journal’s blog “The Juggle” recently reported on the results of a Duke University doctoral student’s study which suggests that if a woman wants to have children and a career, it’s a good idea to have the kids first, then the career. more

Parenting Newborns at Work

The Boston Globe recently featured companies which, in order to lure employees back to work sooner rather than later after having babies, allowed them to bring the infants to the office. While the article quoted some as saying that such policies are great for employee retention, it also included quotes from critics who called the practice disruptive to fellow employees and potentially bad for the infants. (November 2007) more

Barack Obama’s Working Mom

Democratic presidential candidate, Illinois Senator Barack Obama recently said he understands the difficulties faced by working moms because he comes from a single mom household. “For most of my youth and childhood . . . my mother was working at the same time, she was going to school at the same time, she was trying to raise us,” Obama said


General Mom

When Maria Britt this month became the first woman to be promoted to a brigadier general post in Georgia more

Life After the Employment/Parenting Gap

The New York Times recently ran a feature story highlighting female attorneys who struggle with on-ramping, off-ramping and trying to stay sane, by saying that – newsflash – there’s no, one sure-fire, satisfactory way to practice law and raise a family. (November 2007) more

See Mom Run

Mere months after giving birth and after training throughout her pregnancy, Paula Radcliffe just won the New York Marathon. more

Breastfeeding in the Big Apple

The Manhattan City Council has put its real estate where its rhetoric is when it comes to supporting working moms. The Council has established a lactation room for council employees, complete with a private refrigerator (with a lock), a sink and a door that can also lock, NY1 News reported. Giving council employees the opportunity to use the room freely “is something we have to incorporate into the work day so these moms can be great moms and great public servants,” said Council Speaker more

Generational Differences: When You Mommy Track and Your Female Boss Didn’t

Washington Post parenting blogger Leslie Morgan Steiner touched on a provocative topic when she asked her readers what they do when they work flexible hours or flex-time and their female supervisors didn’t. “It’s one of the thorniest, least-discussed issues for working women today: How to deal with the senior woman who has sacrificed family for her career and believes that the ‘hard way’ she got ahead is the only way to advance,” Steiner wrote. more

Cookie Mag’s ‘Smart Cookie’ Awards For Moms

Cookie magazine is looking for women who make a “significant difference for women and children in the world” for their “Smart Cookie” contest. “In addition to high-profile honorees from the fields of health, politics, science and social work, the award recognizes an everyday extraordinary mom, who is elected by the visitors of as the people’s choice,” according to a press release from the magazine. more

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