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Child Care Cost Crunch

MSN Money highlighted the skyrocketing cost of child care and the impact it has on dual-career couples. more

Hasselbeck Brings New Baby to “The View.”

“The View’s” Elizabeth Hasselbeck brought her two-month-old baby on the air with her when she returned from maternity leave this past week. (And he didn’t cry, despite the audience’s boisterous cheering.) As her colleagues around the “View” table welcomed her back, their “Hot Topics” discussions swerved into a conversation about why some mothers of young kids feel bad about working. more

Time Magazines Tackles Taking Baby to Work

Speaking of babies at the workplace . . . citing a study by the Parenting in the Workplace Institute (yes, apparently there is such an institution) that said more than 70 companies allow employees to bring babies to work, Time Magazine asked several professionals about the practice.


Actress Kim Raver Lauds “Lipstick Jungle’s” On-Set Nursery

While she never brought her firstborn child to the set of “24” when she was a series regular there, actress Kim Raver says the set of the forthcoming drama about career women -- “Lipstick Jungle” -- is family-friendly. “With an on-set playroom and nursery, Raver’s boys [baby and 5-year-old] are getting to know costar Brooke Shields’ daughter Rowan, 4, and Grier, 1,” People Magazine reported. (January 2008) more

Steinem Laments Presidential Glass Ceiling

Steinem Laments Presidential Glass Ceiling. Feminist Gloria Steinem -- writing before New York Senator Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire presidential primary -- argued in a New York Times column that the success of Illinois Senator Barack Obama in the Iowa caucus and in the polls demonstrate that, “the sex barrier not taken as seriously as the racial one.” more

Obama and the Women.’s “Broadsheet” blog ran an intriguing post that dissected the homage Illinois Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has paid to the strong women in his life, from his mom and his grandmother, to his wife Michelle. About the sacrifices his wife made for the family, Obama wrote in a guest post for Glamour Magazine’s blog: “My wife, Michelle, radiates beauty, strength and integrity, and continues to make me a better person every day of our lives. more

British Study: Mothers Happier When Employed

A British study by the Institute for Social and Economic Research found that “job satisfaction for women with partners is greater when they work part-time,” according to the BBC. A survey of 10,000 people in

also found that “non-working mothers are more satisfied with life once their children start school.” (December 2007) more

Pausing the Tenure Clock in Nebraska

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has a pro-family policy when it comes to the oftentimes rigid seven-year period in which tenure-track faculty are reviewed before receiving tenure, according to the Daily Nebraskan. more

‘A Mom, Not a Moron:’ The Many Layers of a Mom

A marketing expert says that advertisers need to change their approach toward mothers because their way of categorizing these women is too narrow. “I’m a mom, not a moron,” Gigi Carroll wrote in Ad Week. more

Celebrity Moms Makin’ the Moola

It’s not a bad time to be a mom of young kiddos and a

celebrity, at least cash-wise. Relying on data from a Hollywood trade publication, the Growing Your Baby Blog broke down the recently released highest paid

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