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Dads Take Time Off Too.

A Columbia University study recently found that a majority of fathers – nearly 90 percent -- take paternity leave after their child is born. “. . . [T]he study shows that an overwhelming majority of fathers take some leave after a birth, a substantial minority take a leave of two or more weeks, and that those who take two or more weeks are more involved with child care-taking tasks when interviewed nine months later,” the study said. (February 2008) more

Presidential Candidate and Trick-or-Treater.

Making the case that in addition to being a presidential candidate her husband is also an involved father, Michelle Obama recently told the Associated Press that Illinois Senator Barack Obama donned a mask so he could “go trick-or-treating and spend time with his daughters – Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6 – on Halloween without being recognized,” AP reported. “He’s the kind of father who has not missed a parent-teacher conference ever,” Michelle Obama added. (February 2008) more


Stressorexia. Modern women pride themselves on being able to juggle a career and a family while still looking good.But the drive to have it all has started to take its toll, according to experts.The UK's Daily Mail reports that a new type of eating disorder is emerging among maturer women - "stressorexia".The condition affects those in their late 20s to 40s who are unwilling or unable to reduce their workload.As they become drained, anxious and stressed-out, they stop eating properly, and can experience dramatic weight loss. (February, 2008) more

Pressure to be Yummy

Are all the uber-sexy celebrity moms – think Victoria Beckham, Kelly Ripa, Heidi Klum -- pressuring mothers to be “hot?” Yes, says Polly Williams, author of Yummy Mommy. more

Easing Back to Work Post-Delivery.

When you return to work after having a baby, do so deliberatively because your first few days back are important in setting the tone, Carol Evans, president of Working Mother Media and author of This is How We Do It: A Practical Guide for the Working Mother told Forbes. more

Michelle Obama: Mom First. Political Wife Second.

So reads the headline from the ABC News web site above a story profiling Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama. Comparing Obama to presidential candidate Senator Hillary Clinton’s political spouse, ABC says Obama emphasizes the personal – such as identifying with fellow mothers of young children – while former President Bill Clinton pointedly talks about issues. “He [Clinton] dwells on the details of policy -- exhaustive explanations of his wife's positions on health care,
Iraq , education and other subjects,” the ABC article said. “The Illinois senator's spouse highlights the personal.” more

Props for Mom Advertising Executives.

Working Mother magazine and the Advertising Women of New York have teamed up to honor 22 working moms in the advertising, media and public relations fields, Newsday reported. “It furthers our involvement in supporting women in the field,” Arlene Manos, president of Advertising Women told the paper. (January 2008) more

Both Parents Work From Home & Lived To Tell About It.

Think working from home is hard when there’s just one parent at home? Try two. The Chicago Tribune profiled a couple, who have two kids, who both work from home and have lived to tell about it. (January 2008) more

‘Grey’s’ Cliffhanger

Will Dr. Miranda Bailey’s careerism as Seattle Grace’s new chief resident really end her marriage and potentially jeopardize her custody of her toddler son? Those were the questions left remaining following the last new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” that was filmed before the writers’ strike commenced. The tension between Dr. Bailey and her at-home husband Tucker had been building throughout this season, especially after she missed her son’s first Halloween because she was in surgery. more

Arquette Stands Up for Real Mom Bodies

During her pre-taped, Golden Globes Award segment on NBC, “Medium” star Patricia Arquette said she resisted pressure to lose weight for her role as a part-time crime-fighting psychic and mother of three small children. “I wanted to make a statement,” she said, adding that she wanted her character to seem real and that real moms of three who aren’t all super-skinny. (January 2008) more

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