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Survey: Americans Support Working Moms

In the wake of the political dust-up between Ann Romney and a Democratic consultant who criticized Romney for her at-home motherhood, CNN asked over a thousand people what they thought about mothers and work.


The overwhelming response? Working women get a big thumbs-up.


Good Housekeeping Guilt

Do you feel guilty about your "messy house?"


Working Mother Magazine touched on a sore spot when it asked working mothers about the cleanliness of their households and whether they ever feel guilty about their housekeeping.


Pregnancy, Obesity and Autism

Are very overweight pregnant moms more likely to have a baby with autism? The answer might surprise you.


According to a new study in the journal Pediatrics suggests that children born to very overweight women are 67 percent more likely to have autism. They also faced double the risk of having other developmental delays.


Study Blames Parents for Lack of Kids’ Outdoor Play

After studying data on nearly 9,000 preschoolers, researchers concluded that 49 percent of those children don’t go outside with their parents to play on a daily basis, the Washington Post reported.


Kids and Death Benefits

If you’re widowed and used frozen sperm to conceive children, are those children entitled to their deceased father’s Social Security benefits?


The Supreme Court is now deciding what to do with just such a case after a woman’s request for Social Security benefits for her twins, born 18 months after their father died of cancer, was denied, the Associated Press reported


TSA Apologizes to Mom

The latest in a series of incidents involving the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) agents searching and questioning people at the nation’s airports comes a new shocking story from Hawaii.


Toddlers with Tooth Decay

Cavities appear to be on the rise among the preschool set, as an alarming number of young children are showing up for dentist appointments with a mouthful of tooth decay. 


Dentists nationwide say they are seeing more preschoolers at all income levels with six to 10 cavities or more, according to the New York Times.


Are You a Control Freak Parent?

Want to feel less stressed out? If you're a "control" freak, the solution could be as simple as learning to let go.


Real Simple and the Families and Work Institute asked more than 3,000 women between the ages of 25 to 54 about their time and found out that, even when they despise doing certain tasks, they largely refuse to let anyone else lend a hand.


School Morning Stress

Take some sluggish, slow-moving kids, mix with one part traffic congestion and one part pressure to get to work and what do you have? A recipe for stressed out parents!


The harried dash to drop children off at school on time and make it into the office makes British moms and dads a little edgy, The Daily Mail reported.


Twenty-Something Moms are More Likely to be Single

Feb 27 2012

Are younger moms more likely to be single?


A recent issue of The New York Times featured the results of a study which found that, among women under age 30, a majority (53 percent) were unwed when they gave birth. The article went on to cite studies which say that offspring of single mothers “face elevated risks of falling into poverty, failing in school or suffering emotional and behavioral problems.” more

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