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Study: Moms Get Up to Deal with Family Stuff at Night More Than Dads.

A University of Michigan study said that, regardless of employment, mothers get up more often at night to deal with family situations than fathers. more

Time Mag Asks if Marriage is Necessary Anymore.

Citing statistics from a new Pew Research Center poll, Time Magazine concluded that “marriage, whatever its social, spiritual or symbolic appeal, is in purely practical terms, just not as necessary as it used to be. more

Blog Asks: Why Aren’t Women Starting High-Tech Companies?

The web site Little Pink Book asked this question recently, noting that, “Women held only 10 percent of corporate officer positions at Fortune 500 technology companies last year, and the number of women pursuing technology degrees has been declining since the ‘80s.” Why? more

Author Creates Stir by Equating Modern Motherhood to Incarceration.

We’ve been in the midst of “an orgy of motherphilia” for the past 20 years, asserted author Erica Jong in an essay in the Wall Street Journal, adding that the demands of modern motherhood imprison women and unduly stress out today’s parents. more

Swedish Fathers Paid to Take ‘Daddy Months’ Off Home with Their Children.

Canada’s Globe & Mail reported that Swedish fathers get a pretty sweet deal with it comes to paternity leave. more

Wait, What? Dads LIKE Housework?

British researchers claim that “fathers are happier when they do more of the housework themselves, spend longer with their children and have working partners who are in the office just as long as they are,” The Guardian reported. more

Politics and Motherhood: A Popular Mix.

While observing that both Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama have been spotlighting their experience as mothers while promoting candidates and causes, author Judith Warner wrote in the New York Times that they’re “tapping a vein of sentiment and belief, practicing a special form of political sympathetic magic, hoping clearly that by invoking the image, inveighing the glorious beloved power of all that’s maternal, they will warm and rally the hearts of voters enough to get them to the polls and determine the outcome of the midterm elections.” more

IRS Tells Breastfeeding Mothers: No Tax Breaks for You.

When the IRS released its new rules for what items can be purchased with those tax-free Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts, it determined that pricey breastpumps and other breastfeeding accessories aren’t related to health or medical care because the IRS has deemed them food-related, ABC News reported. more

Writer Asks Parents to Stop Bullying.

A 23-year-old woman, who says she was bullied by her classmates from third grade all the way through high school, wrote in an open letter to parents that if they see bullying or learn about it they should stop it. more

Certain Careers ‘Require’ an At-Home Spouse?

The Wall Street Journal work-life blog The Juggle asked its readers if there are certain high-powered careers which “unofficially require” that one’s spouse have no job in order to take care of all things family-related. more

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