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Pro Racer Leaves Sport, Hopes for Family.

Sarah Fisher, 30, an IndyCar Series driver who in 2000 was the youngest woman competing in the Indy500, told the New York Times that she has voluntarily pulled herself off the track in order to pursue parenthood. more

Magazine Names ‘Most Powerful’ Mothers of Year.

Working Mother magazine named the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, a mother of two, as the “Most Powerful Mom of 2010” because Facebook’s CEO “heavily relied on Sandberg to make his company ready for its expansion and growth.” more

Lactation Rooms in U.S. Capitol Well Used.

The several lactation rooms in the U.S. Capitol building, as well as in neighboring congressional office buildings, are used by many congressional staffers and even visitors, the Associated Press reported. more

Survey: Ninety-Six Percent of Parents Say Their Kids Are Well Behaved.

The National Center for Health Statistics said its survey of the parents of nearly 84,000 children found that 96 percent of those interviewed said their children are “certainly” well behaved, MSNBC reported. more

Mom Suing McDonald’s, Objects to Company ‘Getting Into My Kids’ Heads.’

A California mother -- with the assistance of a Washington, D.C.-based health advocacy group, Center for Science in the Public Interest – is suing McDonald’s because she wants the fast food company to stop including toys with their Happy Meals, the Washington Post reported. more

When Working Parents Don’t Have a Lot of Time, Some Stuff – Like Grooming, Housework -- Gets Left Behind.

While today’s parents are spending more time doing things with and caring for their children than did earlier generations of parents, they are “paying for the increase in other realms of life,” the Wall Street Journal’s The Juggle blog reported. more

Studies: Maternity Negatively Affects Career, Income Especially for the Highly Skilled.

Two recently released studies have found that having a child has a substantial impact on a woman’s career and income, hitting those with MBAs the hardest. more

Kids, Particularly Girls, Getting Meaner Online?

Citing statistics from the American Academy of Pediatrics Council indicating an increase in the number of incidents of children being cruel to one another online, the New York Post reported that the spike in the bad behavior of girls is noteworthy. more

Do Successful Women Scare Men?

Writer Tracy Clark-Flory was really ticked about a New York Times feature which pondered this question, “Is female empowerment killing romance?” more

Report: Some Parent School Volunteers Scaling Back.

The New York Times recently spotlighted former super-mom school volunteers who’d become so stressed out and overcommitted to the non-stop string of school/PTO events that they reduced or quit their volunteer work. more

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