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Wal-Mart Strategic Planner: Moms Don’t Feel Represented in Today’s Advertisements.

Citing a study that found that three out of every four mothers says she feels “misunderstood” by marketers, Wal-Mart’s lead strategic planner, a mother of two, said today’s ads aimed at moms have it all wrong. more

Snow Days & Working Moms, a Tough Mix.

Writer KJ Dell’Antonia wrote a humorous post about the tens of thousands of mothers living in regions of the nation which have been pounded by snow so hard that schools have repeatedly closed their doors for the day lately, joking about whether Mother Nature has it out for working parents. more

Writer Analyzes the Pink/Barbie Culture.

Writer Peggy Orenstein dissected her daughter’s love affair with all things pink and princess-y in her new book, Cinderella Ate My Daughter and, when reviewing the book about the “princess problem,” Slate’s Myla Goldberg said she asked herself : “Who is to blame for this pink menace? more

Columnist: Domestic Help Key to Working Moms’ Success.

In a Washington Post piece entitled, “Women’s success tied to household help,” writer Edward Schumacher-Matos asserted that “hard-charging professional” women have one thing in common: Hired household help. more

Florida Lawmaker Wants Teachers to Grade Parents.

In an attempt to boost the number of parents who actively participate in their children’s public school educations, a Florida state representative has filed a bill that would require teachers to grade their students’ parents on the “quality” of their contributions to their children’s schools, reported the Orlando Sentinel. more

Is There Such a Thing as a ‘Daddy Bonus?’

University of Massachusetts researchers have released a study which found that married, white, college-educated professionals/managers receive the largest salary increase when they became fathers and that "fathers of all racial and ethnic groups get a salary bump," Time Magazine reported. more

Divorced Writer Wrote of Regretting Being Home with Kids.

A former newspaper reporter who quit her job to become a freelancer and do a few other part-time jobs in order to be home with her two young sons, wrote in Salon that she now regrets her decision to leave the full-time workforce now that she has divorced and is trying to find a full-time job. more

Minivans, Cool?

Minivan producers are trying to convince today’s young families that the vehicles are no longer lame soccer mom behemoths, and are instead hip. A Toyota ad dubbed a “Swagger Wagon,” the New York Times reported. more

Report: More Teens Taking Break Between High School, College.

Is the notion of a 12-month “gap year” gaining traction in the United States? The Wall Street Journal says yes. more

Families, Children of Soldiers & Long Deployments.

The New York Times recently profiled the stress military families, particularly those with young children, are experiencing because of multiple deployments to Iraq or Afghanistan, noting that “nearly 6 in 10 of the troops deployed today are married, and nearly half have children.” more

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