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Fed Report Provides Data on Working Families.

A recent report released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics found that among the 34.5 million American families with children, “the share of married-couple families where both parents worked fell to 58.1 percent in 2010 from 58.9 percent in 2009.” more

Do More Single Men Than Women Want Children?

The headline read, “Why Men are More Likely to Want Kids.” A writer for the web site, The Good Men Project, wanted to try to parse the meaning of the results of a Binghamton University study of more than 5,000 single Americans which found that 24 percent of men and 15 percent of women said they wanted kids. “Why are guys more likely to want kids?” asked writer Ted Cox. more

When Working Parents Debate Who Should Stay Home with the Sick Kid.

When there are two gainfully employed parents in a household and a child gets ill, there’s oftentimes an ensuing power struggle between parents, reported the Boston Globe’s Beth Teitell. more

Stress & Sex, Not a Good Combo for Working Parents.

A new study by has found that 62 percent of “working parents revealed that they are too stressed from managing their jobs and their families to go to the gym, call a friend or have sex with their spouses.” more

Study: Breastfeeding Moms Viewed as ‘Less Competent’ at Work.

Montana State University researchers have found that women who breastfeed are considered “significantly less competent . . . in math and work specifically and [are] less likely to be hired to all conditions.” more

Which is ‘More’ Important, Being Good Parent or Good Spouse?

Researchers from the Pew Research Center say that for Millennials and Generation Xers, the answer is firmly in the “good parent” camp. more

Vocations Which Pay More to Women.

Forbes has singled out 15 jobs where women earn more than male counterparts including teacher assistants, bakers, construction workers/supervisors and preschool and kindergarten teachers. more

Study: Military Parents Facing Shortage of Childcare, Preschools for Their Children.

A study by the Mellman Group and Public Opinion Strategies “found that, most military families, like their civilian peers, do not have access to high-quality early learning and care opportunities” making it “one of the most pressing needs for service members, reported The Pew Center on States. more

24/7 Work Communications Stressing You Out? You’re Not Alone.

According to a new report from the University of Toronto, women are more likely to feel stressed out by the constant electronic pull of the workplace – from Blackberry communications to laptops used at home during private time – than their male counterparts. more

White House Report Details Status of American Women.

In its first study of the lives of American women since 1963, the White House recently released a report which found that while young women are “more likely” to have a college or graduate degree and that the number of working men and women “has nearly equalized,” women’s wages are still roughly 75 percent of what their male peers make. more

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