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Boomerang Kids: Study Says Half of Adult Children Supported By Mom & Dad

A national online survey found that many parents are providing support – everything from housing and transportation to cash for living expenses and spending money – to their adult children. more

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes the Romance Killers in a Baby Carriage?

A new book examining contemporary marriages puts some of the blame for the decline of marital romance on how adults are choosing to parent their offspring, according to a Washington Post parenting blog. more

Would You Test Your Child’s DNA to Gauge Athletic Promise?

Two companies which offer parents the opportunity to test their children’s DNA for indications that their offspring may possess natural, physical athletic traits are causing pediatricians and ethicists to call a foul, the Washington Post said. more

Wanna Play in the High School Band, Join the Chess Club or Take Chemistry or AP English? Prepare to Pay $$.

Citing dire academic budget constraints across the nation’s public school systems, some high school educators have responded by assessing fees on everything from sports and club activities, to supplies for specific classes, the Wall Street Journal reported. more

‘Hey Mom! My Teacher Gave You an F for Parenting!’

Among the new policies that school districts and state legislatures are attempting to implement in order to bolster parental involvement in their children’s education, a Florida state representative wants to have teachers grade parents on things such as whether they communicate with teachers and if their child shows up to school dressed correctly... more

Treating Depressed Moms = Good for Kids.

Citing a study from the American Journal of Psychiatry, the Wall Street Journal reported that “successfully treating a mother with depression isn’t just good for the mom; it also can provide long-lasting benefits for her children’s mental health.” more

Some Florida Ob/Gyns Refusing Obese Patients

Some Florida Ob/Gyns Refusing Obese Patients. Saying that obese patients have a higher risk of medical complications, more than a dozen Sunshine State ob/gyn practices are now refusing to treat new patients who are obese, The Sun Sentinel reported. more

Survey Says, Half the Moms Aren’t Happy with Careers, Most Seek Work-Life Balance

Fifty-six percent of working mothers told that they “are not satisfied” with their work and 62 percent believe that “achieving work/life balance” leads to career satisfaction, the SFN Group reported. more

State Senator to Parents: If Your Kids Are Obese, You Should Pay

An Illinois state senator has floated the idea that if parents have a child who is obese, those parents should lose their $2,000 per child state income tax deduction. more

Study: Number of Autistic Children Higher Than Previously Thought

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry examined 55,000 South Korean children and found that one of every 38 children had what researchers called “an autism spectrum disorder,” NPR reported. more

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