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Dad Picked Seeing Kid Pitch Over His Job

When a South Carolina car salesman decided he was going to do whatever it took to attend the College World Series in Omaha if his son’s team made it to the series this year, he wasn’t kidding. more

Newest GOP Presidential Candidate: A Former At-Home Mom of Five, Foster Mom to 23.

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota), who plans to announce her candidacy for president next week, started her political career because she was unhappy with the public school system more

Spanking Kid = Crime? Yes, Says Texas Judge

A Texas judge chastised a mother of three for spanking her two-year-old and sentenced her to five years probation. more

‘Obsession’ with Children’s Happiness = Unhappy Adult Lives? Yes, Says a Therapist in The Atlantic.

Therapist Lori Gottlieb, also a mother, wrote in the July/August issue of The Atlantic that she’s seen a growing number of twentysomething and young thirtysomething patients who praise their parents but have had trouble “choosing or committing to a satisfying career path, struggled with relationships and just generally felt a sense of emptiness or lack of purpose.” more

Many Ambitious, High Achieving Dads are Conflicted About Fatherhood

Just in time for Father’s Day, Boston College’s Center for Work & Family released a new survey of 963 ambitious working fathers who are employed by Fortune 500 companies... more

Study: Nearly All Moms Feel ‘Overwhelmed.’

Feel like no matter how hard you try you’re just not doing everything -- work, home life, kids – well enough? more

President to Daughters: I’m Not a Perfect Dad, But I’m Trying

In a Father’s Day “letter” dedicated to his two daughters in People Magazine, President Obama waxed poetic about how he longed to have his dad around when he was growing up. more

Study: The Bigger Mom’s Workload, the Better the Marriage?

A four-year study published in the Journal of Family Psychology found that while increases in husbands’ workloads didn’t do much for marital satisfaction, increased workloads for wives did elevate the reports of marital satisfaction. more

Applying for Kindergarten? One School Wants to Know How Its Students Were Delivered.

A California elementary school has made national headlines for including in its enrollment application the question about whether the child was born via a “vaginal delivery” or “C-Section” more

Blogger Makes Plea for More Simplicity at End of School Year

Patch blogger Maura Mahoney is feeling distinctly overwhelmed by the increasing number of end-of-the-school-year events and non-stop requests that are bearing down on her and her kiddos. more

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