As she transitions into her role as First Lady, we are eager to watch and report on all things Michelle Obama. What issues will she focus on? How will she ease her daughters into life in the White House? And what about the First Granny? Shari MacDonald Strong, editor of The Maternal is Political and a senior editor at Literary Mama along with Kuae Mattox, Emmy nominated journalist, former editor-in-chief of Black Family Today and National Director of Media Relations for Mocha Moms will keep you posted on all things Michelle Obama.

Pre-2009 Michelle Obama Coverage.

We chatted about Michelle Obama before we had a section dedicated to her - these are some past posts that relate to this fantastic lady. more

Michelle Obama is My Soulmate.

As a progressive, feminist mother with three young children and a passion for changing the world, but no time in which to do it, I get a bit frustrated at times. I keep an eye on the casualties in Iraq, and I drive my boys to Kindergarten. I watch footage of the bombings in Gaza, but make sure the channel is changed and the TV off before meeting my daughter at the bus after school. more

Michelle Under a Microscope.

"Michelle Obama is already bearing the weight of national scrutiny and expectations -- all the while insisting her first aim is simply to be mom-in-chief to daughters Sasha and Malia," reports The Ottawa Citizen. more

Call to Service.

Michelle writes via a MyBarackObama e-update: One week from today, on January 19th, Barack and I will join thousands of people all across the country for an extraordinary day of service. more

Mrs. Robinson Goes to Washington.

Marian Robinson, the country's unofficial First Granny, is on her way to Washington to help the family settle into a routine, reports the Chicago Tribune. more

African American Moms Rejoice.

Just when I thought those darned mommy wars had piped down to an occasional simmer on the media hotplate, in walks a fresh face on the national scene and the stew starts to boil again. more

Darn That Double Drop Off.

Today's Chicago Tribune included photographs of Michelle Obama dropping off her daughters at the two campuses of the private Quaker Sidwell Friends school. Their first day of school was Monday. more

Michelle Obama Has What It Takes to Be Mom-in-Chief:

5 Lessons in Leadership That Mothers Can Learn From the New First Lady. Michelle Obama has stated that her focus when her husband takes office Jan. 20 will be serving as “mom-in-chief” to her daughters. Leadership expert Jamie Woolf, author of Mom-in-Chief: How Wisdom from the Workplace Can Save Your Family from Chaos examines how Obama will lead her family through this challenging transition. more

First Lady Footsie.

Stay in the Presidential Suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach, FL, and you'll be treated to a wall filled with Robert Tabor's shoe characterizations of past first ladies and international dignitaries. more

Michelle O as Jackie O?

Louise J. Esterhazy of W Magazine's Last Laugh would like the comparisons of the Obamas and the Kennedys to cease. She writes in the January 2008 issue, "Who cares what she wears and how she decorates? The stupid ones who compare Michelle O to Jackie O miss the point. Camelot is so far in the past it's another history. And even the Kennedy Camelot wasn't a paradise, as we've come to learn." more

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