As she transitions into her role as First Lady, we are eager to watch and report on all things Michelle Obama. What issues will she focus on? How will she ease her daughters into life in the White House? And what about the First Granny? Shari MacDonald Strong, editor of The Maternal is Political and a senior editor at Literary Mama along with Kuae Mattox, Emmy nominated journalist, former editor-in-chief of Black Family Today and National Director of Media Relations for Mocha Moms will keep you posted on all things Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama's Balancing Act

Our own Wendy Sachs is featured in a piece on the New York Times website asking "How might Mrs. Obama bring her voice to issues of work-life balance?" more

Darn Those Designers.

Well it didn’t take long, did it? Just days after the Obamas pulled the moving van up to the White House, the fashion police tried to zero in for the kill…We loved the yellow inauguration dress. Ooh, that off the shoulder white dress just didn’t work. What’s the designer’s name anyway? more

Princess Michelle Obama?

Lee Barnes, the national coordinator of the British National Party’s legal unit, has launched a verbal attack against Michelle Obama. In a post titled Princess Michelle Obama, he jeered at the British media’s attention to the first lady’s clothing and accessories more

First Daughter Dolls.

First lady Michelle Obama is not pleased about the marketing of a pair of dolls that bear the same names as her daughters reports Chicago Business. more

White House Makeover for $100K or Less.

The Obamas have chosen celebrity designer Michael Smith to refurbish the White House private quarters and Oval Office. While Smith is known to work with much larger budgets, he’s going to have to work his magic with a strict budget of $100,000, allocated by Congress. more

Through the Eyes of My Children.

It was just past 4:30am the morning of January 20th and my three children were standing before me, groggy eyed, as I helped them pull on the layers. Thin socks, thermal socks, long underwear, layering tops, sweatpants, snow boots, down jackets. Hats, check. Gloves, check. Scarves, check. “We’re going to see Barack Obama today. He’s going to be our new president!,” my five year old daughter Evan declared. “Mommy, is he going to come talk to us?” more

First Fashion Lady.

Everyone is abuzz about the Inauguration excitement, as the new First Family came out in cheerful apparel.. It is a time for new beginnings, as the New York Times reported Tuesday. more

This is Who I Am.

When Michelle Obama sought her pre-First-Lady position as community affairs director at the University of Chicago Hospitals, she was still breastfeeding, so brought along then-infant daughter Sasha to the interview. more

High Hopes for a Boost in Federal Work-Life Policies.

As Barack Obama commences his first term as the president, Boston Globe columnist Ellen Goodman says she hopes that, under the influence of his wife Michelle, Obama will push for federal pro-family policies such as paid sick days, flextime and time for parents to attend school conferences. more

Over the River and Through the Woods . . . Here Comes Grandma.

Noting that Marian Robinson, Michelle Obama’s mother, is moving into the White House with the Obama family, the New York Times recently profiled working families with young children who are enlisting the help of grandmothers to help care for the grandkids while mom and dad are at work. more

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