As she transitions into her role as First Lady, we are eager to watch and report on all things Michelle Obama. What issues will she focus on? How will she ease her daughters into life in the White House? And what about the First Granny? Shari MacDonald Strong, editor of The Maternal is Political and a senior editor at Literary Mama along with Kuae Mattox, Emmy nominated journalist, former editor-in-chief of Black Family Today and National Director of Media Relations for Mocha Moms will keep you posted on all things Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama Captures Europe.

They like her. They really, really like her. I was in my twenties when I first visited Paris and proceeded to offend by switching breakfast tables – joining friends for café au lait at theirs -- without asking first. Later, I ticked off a shopkeeper when I couldn’t count out correct change for my crepe. I didn’t wear a fanny pack and I didn’t bug Parisians to take my photo while I hammed in front of the Eiffel Tower. But I was perceived as an Ugly American nonetheless. more

Michelle: Not My American Idol

Michelle Obama. She and I were born the same year. We both came of age in the
’70s, in the Midwest. She went to Ivy League Princeton; I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, albeit from the less tony Indiana University. We’re both moms of girls. So why don’t I feel a sense of connection with her at all? more

Destined for Greatness.

A colleague of mine recently said to me without irony, “I think that you think you are destined for greatness.” He didn’t say this as a compliment. It felt more like a zinger – an accusation along the lines of who the heck do you think you are Missy, wanting so much more out of life? Isn’t this Popsicle stand good enough for you? more


This is not a column about Michelle Obama’s bare arms. God no. It’s not going to prattle on about her clothes and shoes either because, frankly I don’t really care what the First Lady wears. more

Be a Second Lady.

Michelle Obama’s call for every American to maintain an ongoing commitment with their community has spurred a new generation of women who want to do more than just talk the talk. Enter, a new online community inspired by Mrs. Obama’s call to action. more

Super First Lady.

Michelle Obama is already a hero in many people's eyes. Next month, she will become a comic book superhero, according to the Chicago Tribune. more

Women of Courage.

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton both attended the State Department Women of Courage Awards on Wednesday. According to CNN, Clinton heaped praise on Obama for being a positive role model for women across the country. more

Making The Rest Of Us Look Bad

Let me be clear from the start: I love Michelle Obama. I admire her. I’m inspired by her. She is by all accounts a fantastic mom, and she’s had a highly successful career in law and community leadership. And now, as First Lady, she’s taking on admirable challenges and making her presence well known -- in a manner that is strong but in no way obnoxious more

Does Michelle Obama Make Dark Skin Stylish?

The month after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States, I had the opportunity to eavesdrop on the discussion of several middle-class African-American high school students. In truth, I did not intend to eavesdrop as I was actually trying to ignore their chatter in order to get some reading done. But when I heard one young lady assert that “dark skin is back in style now” I had to put my work down and take note. more

Mom-in-Chief and Policy Wonk.

Michelle Obama’s recent campaigning on behalf of President Barack Obama’s stimulus proposal has raised some eyebrows. The New York Times said her public support for the stimulus package -- including meeting with folks from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to say that the package’s housing provisions could stave off homelessness -- has surprised some observers. more

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