As she transitions into her role as First Lady, we are eager to watch and report on all things Michelle Obama. What issues will she focus on? How will she ease her daughters into life in the White House? And what about the First Granny? Shari MacDonald Strong, editor of The Maternal is Political and a senior editor at Literary Mama along with Kuae Mattox, Emmy nominated journalist, former editor-in-chief of Black Family Today and National Director of Media Relations for Mocha Moms will keep you posted on all things Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama Wades Into Health Care Debate.

First Lady Michelle Obama leapt into the health care debate by framing the passage of a health care bill as a women’s issue. more

Michelle Gets ‘Flak’ For Shorts.

Is this really a news story, the fact that a fortysomething woman wore shorts on a hot summer’s day when she was on vacation with her family? more

Fawning over FLOTUS Fashion.

I have to admit. It’s hard for me to stomach another article about Michelle Obama’s clothing, let alone an entire book. I’m always the one who tells friends to “give it a rest” when they start the conversation with “Did you see what she wore?" I have implored folks to elevate the discussion to reflect more of her substance. more

Michelle O: Cover Girl, Again.

People sure do seem to love putting the Obama family on the cover of their magazines, particularly Time, which this week has the First Lady on the cover with a story entitled, “The Meaning of Michelle Obama.” more

Advice for Ferebee Hope Elementary School Students.

Communities In Schools welcomed First Lady Michelle Obama to Ferebee Hope Elementary School in Washington, D.C. Wednesday. She spoke to the kids about the importance of reading, the books they had read recently, and answered their questions about what it is like to be First Lady. Most importantly, she advised the students, "Never quit." more

Obama Talks Working Parents, Military Families.

Despite difficult economic times, companies should do a better job of enabling their employees to successfully balance their roles as employees and parents, Michelle Obama told members of the group Corporate Voices for Working Families, UPI reported. more

Michelle, Veggies, and Elmo: Friends Forever.

A celebrity isn't a celebrity until he or she has made an appearance on Sesame Street, or at least that's what the kids think. more

Remarks by the First Lady on Take Your Child To Work Day.

The White House Press Office released the remarks the First Lady gave during this morning's "Take Your Child To Work Day" meet-up in which children of Executive Office employees had an opportunity to ask her questions. Read on to see what the children queried and how Michelle Obama responded: more

Ultimate Take Your Child to Work Day.

The First Lady will welcome children of Executive Office employees at the White House’s annual Take Your Child to Work Day. Mrs. Obama will host this event in the East Room where she will give brief remarks and take questions from the audience. more

Talkin’ Like a White Girl.

When I was growing up, I couldn’t quite figure out if talking like a white girl was good or bad. All I knew was that the charge had been leveled against me on more than one occasion, and I wasn’t white. more

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