Pre-2009 Michelle Obama Coverage.

Michelle Obama's 'Mom-in-Chief' Choices Continue to Spur Discussion.
Michelle Obama's decision to label herself "mom-in-chief" once her family moves to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is still causing waves. Maggie Jackson, author of "Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age," wrote in the Boston Globe that Obama is setting a poor example for women. ". . . Michelle
Obama has been a highly successful working mother and will be again some day," Jackson wrote. "To hear her try to distance herself now from that role does a disservice to our children - and to our country." Read More

Back Seat Job.
There’s a downside to the immense good fortune facing Michelle Obama, the world’s highest profile “trailing spouse.” The new House rocks, you’ve got every private school admissions officer in DC looking out for your girls, and you won’t have any shortage of invitations, decorators, designers, household help, and unforgettable opportunities. But for an ambitious, self-directed woman with a prestigious, hard-earned career of her own, these perks strike me as mere consolation. I can’t pretend to read Michelle Obama’s mind, but to me, nothing beats charting your own course in your lifetime. Read More

Michelle Obama Gets Advice From Overseas.
As the incoming First Family readies itself for the transition to life inside the world's biggest fishbowl, Michelle Obama has been on the receiving end of much advice, the latest of which came from attorney Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. In a piece entitled "My Advice to Michelle Obama: Learn to Like the Back Seat," Blair said that adjusting to being married to a world leader will mean more than just a change in venue. Read More

Working Mother Media: Election Role Models.
Carol Evans, founder of Working Mother Media, said this recent election offered some good role models for working parenthood. “Michelle Obama is a great role model as First Lady,” Evans told the Miami Herald. “She’s a mother and a lawyer, who has had an active career. Read More