Washington Post Columnist Says First Lady’s Taking Safe Road.

By dubbing her “Michelle Milquetoast,” the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank expressed his disappointment that Michelle Obama hasn’t taken more risks and taken on policy issues instead of sticking with issues like healthy diets and White House vegetable gardens.


Saying that during the presidential campaign some feared that Obama would be perceived as angry and divisive, Milbank wrote: “Compared with those expectations of a fiery first lady, Obama, beginning her second spring in the White House, has turned out to be Michelle Milquetoast. Her low profile has been one of the big surprises of the Obama presidency, even to officials in the West Wing, who have noted what they regard as her light schedule. . . She has shied away from controversy, made relatively few public appearances, and stuck to an unobjectionable agenda of nutrition, exercise and good parenting.” (April 2010)