When Working Parents Debate Who Should Stay Home with the Sick Kid.

When there are two gainfully employed parents in a household and a child gets ill, there’s oftentimes an ensuing power struggle between parents, reported the Boston Globe’s Beth Teitell.


“The lousy economy and mothers’ increasingly high-powered participation in the workforce have combined to heighten the tension over something as simple as a child’s sore throat or a few inches of snow,” Teitell wrote.


“For some couples, deciding who goes to work involves a complicated set of decisions: If dad’s an hourly worker and he stays home to babysit, that’s income the family loses right away,” she said. “But if mom’s a salaried executive and she takes a sick day – even though telecommuting means she may be able to get work done – her lack of face time could, down the road, erode her success, leading to a lower family income.” (April 2011)