When Working Parents Don’t Have a Lot of Time, Some Stuff – Like Grooming, Housework -- Gets Left Behind.

While today’s parents are spending more time doing things with and caring for their children than did earlier generations of parents, they are “paying for the increase in other realms of life,” the Wall Street Journal’s The Juggle blog reported.


Citing a study out of the University of California, Los Angeles, the Journal said, “Married mothers spend less time on grooming – 8.2 hours a week, down from 10.1 hours in 1965 . . . [and] moms are also doing less housework.” Ditto for fathers. “Both mothers and fathers are spending less time on preparing and eating meals, and they are enjoying less leisure time,” the Journal said. “They also report ‘feeling always rushed’ and that they have too little time for themselves or their partners.” (December 2010)