Poll: Americans Still Lukewarm on Single Moms, OK with Working Moms.

A Pew Research Center poll found that while respondents said unmarried couples who have children and gay couples who have children were largely found to make no difference to society, they weren’t too keen on the increase in single motherhood, saying that they think that the trend is bad for society.


“Even though most Americans have grown more comfortable with same-sex or unmarried couples raising children, they still view single mothers as detrimental to society, according to a new poll of attitudes toward the country's soaring number of nontraditional families,” the Washington Post reported, adding that “nearly four in 10 births are to unmarried women.”


On the subject of working mothers, the Post quoted a Johns Hopkins sociologist as saying: “Working mothers are acceptable to almost everybody. Two parents who are unmarried are tolerated or acceptable. But many people, including single parents themselves, question single-parent families. There's still a strong belief that children need two parents." (February 2011)