Tina Fey Ponders Having a Second Child.

Award-winning writer and 30 Rock actress Tina Fey penned an amusing essay for the New Yorker, “Confessions of a Juggler” in which she says she’s tired of people asking her whether she’s going to have a second child and that, frankly, she’s not sure whether she should or shouldn’t.


Saying that her fertility is declining at the same time she’s at the helm of a TV show that would be adversely affected if she got pregnant, Fey asked: “Why not do both, like everybody else in the history of earth? Because things that most people do naturally are often inexplicably difficult for me. And the math is impossible. No matter how you add up the months, it means derailing the TV show where two hundred people depend on me for their income, and I take that stuff seriously.” (February 2011)