Snow Days & Working Moms, a Tough Mix.

Writer KJ Dell’Antonia wrote a humorous post about the tens of thousands of mothers living in regions of the nation which have been pounded by snow so hard that schools have repeatedly closed their doors for the day lately, joking about whether Mother Nature has it out for working parents.


Dell’Antonia mused that there must be a “snow conspiracy” at work: “That schools, who hate working mothers, cancel intentionally and as often as possible, usually in ways specifically designed to cause the most inconvenience, such as the ‘cancel school at 11:30 after the kids have been there for two hours and we can get credit for the day’ ploy, or the bait and switch morning ‘delay’ that turns, 10 minutes after you’ve shifted your work schedule back by two hours, into a full snow day, and the patented ‘wait to cancel until 6:45’ rule, which requires that you awaken the children and start them on the process of getting ready, only to find that all you’ve really achieved is doing yourself out of an extra half an hour during which you might have been able to cancel your day in peace while your little angels slept.” (February 2011)