Divorced Writer Wrote of Regretting Being Home with Kids.

A former newspaper reporter who quit her job to become a freelancer and do a few other part-time jobs in order to be home with her two young sons, wrote in Salon that she now regrets her decision to leave the full-time workforce now that she has divorced and is trying to find a full-time job.


"The economic crisis will erode women’s interest in ‘opting out’ to care for children, heightening awareness that giving up financial independence – quitting work altogether or even, as I did, going part-time – leaves one frighteningly vulnerable," wrote Katy Read. "However emotionally rewarding it may be for all involved, staying home with children exacts a serious, enduring vocational toll that largely explains the lingering pay gap between men and women as well as women’s higher rate of poverty. With the recession having raised the stakes, fewer mothers may be willing to take the risk." (January 2011)