NYT Blogger Says Many Parents Work in Dangerous Vocations.

Responding to criticism of CBS reporter Lara Logan’s decision to work in a dangerous part of the world, where she was recently attacked by a mob in Egypt and sexually assaulted, given that she’s the mother of a young child, New York Times blogger Lisa Belkin pointed out that parents of both genders routinely work in dangerous vocations and that singling Logan out for taking risks isn’t fair.


Citing a male friend of hers, also a journalist, who has three children and who was covering the violent protests in Bahrain, Belkin wrote: “Feelings of journalists change when they have children. So do feelings of police officers and soldiers and firefighters and coal miners and airline pilots. And that leaves all of the above with two choices. To limit your personal risk, which is one way to protect your children, and one that I would never criticize. Or to increase your commitment, which is another way to protect your children. And one I would never dream of questioning.” (February 2011)